15 March 2021

The Best Time to Workout: Here’s What Science Says

When it comes to working out, we always think that as long as we are working out that is all that matters, right? However, science is finding out that the time of your workout could affect how beneficial this is to your overall health. So, when is the best time to workout: is it morning or in the evening?

Morning Workouts

There are tons of people who claim that a morning workout is the best thing that a person can do. Science has looked at morning workouts and found these positives:

  • It can help with more weight loss
  • Burns stored fat better
  • Increases your morning energy
  • Boosts the metabolism
  • May help to reduce your appetite throughout the day
  • Can help with sticking to a schedule throughout the rest of the day

However, there were some drawbacks:

  • It can increase your stress levels
  • It can be difficult to find the time in the morning
  • It can make you more tired by the time that the late afternoon tools around
  • Hard to stay motivated with an early morning schedule

Evening Workouts

For those who prefer an evening workout, check out these benefits:

  • Great time for muscle building
  • This is the highest uptake for oxygen time
  • Does not mess with your sleep patterns
  • Can help you to sleep better
  • Reduce the hunger hormone so you may be able to avoid those late night snacks

The drawbacks of evening workouts include:

  • Not as an effective time for weight loss or burning fat
  • Does not help with mental energy
  • It can increase appetite before bed time

Which is Better?

For those who are wanting to ensure that their workout routine works the best for them, which works better: the evening or morning workouts? While both times have various benefits and drawbacks, science is pointing to morning workouts being the best time for a person to do this. The key is to ensure that you are going to bed at a decent time in order to wake up early for these types of workouts and somehow keeping your motivation to do these workouts in the early morning hours. Keep in mind that this is the option for most people. However, if you are not a morning person or are just wanting to strength build, then an afternoon workout can be beneficial as well.

Start working out

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