17 March 2021

The Biggest Reasons Why Fitness Routines Fail (and How to Deal with Them)

How many times have you quit your fitness routine before seeing results? It’s incredibly frustrating when this happens because you want to change your health and appearance, yet you can't quite seem to follow through on your initial commitments. This can leave you feeling guilty, angry, and disappointed with yourself.

Please don't worry; this is a common experience, and this article will help you address the top five reasons fitness routines fail and teach you how to succeed and smash your fitness goals.

Top Five Reasons Fitness Routines Fail (And How to Deal with Them)

Do you have an idea about why you haven’t succeeded with your fitness goals? Maybe it's because you don't see results fast enough? Or perhaps you haven't found the right home fitness routine that contains fun and easy workouts for beginners?

These could be contributing factors, but the real reasons fitness routines fail are shared below. We have included some handy tips to help you avoid these common pitfalls and get the shape and fitness levels you desire.

Reason 1: You Don't Have a Plan

Have you ever heard the saying: 'a goal without a plan is just a wish?' If you don't plan exactly where you are starting from and where you want to go, how will you ever know when you get there, and more importantly, how with you know how much progress you have made? Like any journey, you must set your route from A to B before you start.

Pro Tip: By using a home workout app like 30 Day Fitness, you set your current weight, activity level and goals, and by the magic of modern technology, the app instantly creates a perfect and personalized roadmap from your starting point to your goal.

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Reason 2: You Don't Set Realistic Goals

It's all very well having a plan, but if the goal you have set is not realistic, your daily actions will be too difficult, and you will quit. You must break your goal down into smaller, achievable steps if you want to succeed. For example, if you weigh 150lbs and your goal is to get to 110lbs, you won't achieve this in one month.

Pro Tip: Break the goal down into achievable milestones, and then use the first milestone as your goal. In our 40lb weight loss example, you would break it down into five monthly milestones of 8lbs - a reasonable, healthy, and sustainable monthly weight loss. The 30 Day Fitness app does this for you.

Reason 3: You Fail to Track Your Progress

Failing to track progress is a common and yet unfortunate reason for home fitness routine failure. Many people quit because they think they are not progressing, yet they don’t review what they have already achieved. This would inspire them to keep going and get their desired results.

Pro Tip: The 30 Day Fitness app tracks your progress so you can see exactly how far you have come. The app starts you off with easy workouts for beginners and moves you onto harder workouts as you increase your strength and stamina, so you are always being challenged, and so you see progress quicker.

Reason 4: You Lack Motivation

Workout motivation is a huge factor in fitness routine failure. When you begin a new home workout plan, you feel inspired and motivated. But after a week or two, that initial excitement wanes, and if you don't factor in a way to maintain interest, your new exercise regime will fizzle out before you get to enjoy the benefits.

Pro Tip: Challenge Yourself! The 30 Day Fitness app contains 30-day challenges tailored to weight loss, all-over toning, or a specific body part (such as our ever-popular Belly Fat Blast and Sexy Legs and Butt). As you complete your daily workout, your progress is ticked off a calendar. Users report that this motivates them because they enjoy seeing the days being ticked off. The best part? You can complete a 30-day challenge in just 15 minutes a day with no equipment and get gym-quality results at the end.

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Reason 5: You Compare Yourself to Other People

When you compare yourself to others, you discredit your unique individuality and story. The truth is, we are not the same. We have all had different experiences on this beautiful journey of life, and nobody else's reality is relevant to yours. You will get faster results if you reframe your focus on yourself and your own progress—nobody else's progress or results matter.

Pro Tip: Use the 30 Day Fitness app to do a challenge or get a personalized fitness routine, track your progress, and build in some rewards when you hit your milestones. It is crucial to recognize your progress and celebrate your achievements. You will gain extra motivation from working towards rewards, and you will refocus your attention on yourself.

Final Thoughts

If your goal is to find an easy and cheap way to get in shape that will help you smash your goals, the 30 Day Fitness app is for you. Build your perfect home fitness routine that starts with easy workouts for beginners and levels up when you do. Professional personal trainers design each home workout plan so you know they are both safe and effective. For off-the-scale workout motivation, try a 30-day challenge and celebrate your awesome new shape and fitness level once your challenge is complete. You can do this!

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