7 May 2019

Triceps workouts with dumbbells: let’s shape those arms

Do you want to shape your arms? There are many workouts out there, but it is important to find the ones that will give you an effective triceps workout. Your triceps are the muscles at the back of your arms and they really can define and make a difference in how strong your arms look and feel. So to shape your arms and feel extra confident in those sleeveless tops, focus on incorporating exercises that are geared to work your triceps.

Dumbbells are a great piece of workout equipment to incorporate into your triceps workout with dumbbells in order to take your workout routine to the next level. So let’s go on to learn some of the best triceps workouts with dumbbells that you can do at home or at the gym to get your arms in shape.

As a rule of thumb, if you are looking to tone your arms use less weight and do more repetitions. To build muscle, use more weight and do fewer repetitions.

However, remember to always start out with a lightweight, so you can properly engage your triceps in your exercise routine.

Effective triceps workouts with dumbbells

Overhead Triceps Extension

The triceps extension is perhaps the most simple and effective of all the triceps workouts. It is important to complete the exercise using your arms only so that the exercise stays dedicated to working the triceps as the main muscle group.

How to do Overhead Triceps Extension:

  • Begin by standing upright with your arms by your sides, a dumbbell in your right hand, and your feet about shoulder width apart.
  • Engage your abdominals and lift your chest, keeping your lower back in line.
  • Using your left hand for gentle support at your right elbow, slowly lift the dumbbell above your right shoulder with your right hand, palm facing your body and the dumbbell running parallel to the floor. Lift the dumbbell so your arm is fully extended.
  • Slowly bend your elbow to lower the dumbbell behind your right shoulder, keeping your elbow facing forward. Aim to get the handle of the dumbbell perpendicular to the floor as your right arm reaches a 90-degree angle.
  • Repeat subsequent reps starting at step 2.

Muscles involved: Triceps, Deltoids

Kneeling Row

How to do Kneeling Row:

  • Begin by standing upright, then bend at a 90 degree angle so your right knee rests on a bench-press and your left foot remains flat on the floor.
  • Support your body weight with your right hand and hold a dumbbell with your left hand. Triceps workouts with dumbbells: let’s shape those arms
  • Exhale and slowly pull the dumbbell up towards the left side of your body. Hold this position.
  • Slowly lower the dumbbell back down.
  • Repeat subsequent reps starting at step 3, alternating sides after each set.

Muscles involved: Latissimus dorsi, deltoids, trapezius

Chest Press

Chest Press is a workout that engages your entire upper body. It is an all-around move to incorporate when you really want to work your upper body.

How to do Chest Press:

  • Begin by lying face up on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. You can also lie on a bench, with your feet on the floor or up on the bench.
  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand, with your elbows bent running perpendicular to your torso. This is your starting position.
  • With your palms up, push the dumbbells up towards the ceiling so that you straighten your elbows completely keeping your arms directly over your shoulders. Keep your shoulder blades flat on the ground or bench. Do not lock your elbows.
  • Engage your abdominals and slowly return your arms to starting position by bending your elbows.
  • Repeat subsequent reps starting at step 2.

Muscles involved: Triceps, pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, deltoids

Remember after completing triceps workouts to also stretch your arms and upper body out.

Standing Behind The Neck Stretch

The Standing Behind The Neck Stretch is an effective stretch that will work your lats and triceps.

How to do Standing Behind The Neck Stretch:

  • Begin by standing upright with your arms by your sides and feet about shoulder width apart.
  • Raise one arm laterally while bending your elbow so that it is positioned behind your upper back.
  • Raise your other arm so that you can grab the elbow of your bent arm.
  • Push on your bent arm slightly in the direction of the midline of your body.
  • Maintain this position for the duration of your set, alternating arms in subsequent sets.

Muscles involved: Latissimus Dorsi, Triceps Brachii

These are t**hree good triceps workouts with dumbbells** that are each particularly effective and are commonly seen amongst workout routines. If you incorporate them into your own routine, you will see results within a few weeks of doing them.

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