28 March 2020

Fitness Trends: What is Plogging?

Every day there seems to be a new fitness trend that takes the world by storm. Sometimes, these trends fizzle out to nothing, while other times they become something that everyone starts doing and they make a lasting impression on people’s lives. For those who have heard tons of people mention plogging, yet are unfamiliar with this, rest assured you are not alone. However, you may find that this becomes more popular than what anyone thought!

Plogging Definition

What is plogging? In order to determine this, you have to know that this is defined by two very different words. This is actually two words combined together. These words are ‘jogging’ and ‘plocka upp’. Plocka upp is actually a Swedish phrase for pick up. Combine these two and plogging has been born. Plogging is the act of jogging and picking up at the same time. It is quickly becoming an eco-friendly exercise that many people throughout the world are doing as they can get fit, while helping the Earth at the same time.

How Does Plogging Work?

For those who are interested, plogging can be a great way to get some extra steps into your day, and if you go at his hard core, you will find that it can be a great workout...despite the fact that it seems a bit silly! To start, you need to find an area that you can jog safely. Consider your area and where you may be able to go. A lot of people choose to jog around their neighborhood on roads, just be sure to stick to the sidewalks to avoid an accident.

You will want to pack a trash bag with you, and maybe even a pair of gloves. While you are jogging you are going to want to look for trash. When you stop and pick this up, be sure that you are jogging in place so that you are not losing your momentum. Then continue on with this journey until you hit a time frame or a mile mark that you are comfortable with. It is simple as that!

While you are plogging and get to items that are too big to pick up, be sure to make a mental note about this to call someone to pick this up or go later and pick this up yourself to dispose of. You are going to get a great workout, while also making the area around you clean!

Photo by Chander R on Unsplash

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