10 March 2020

What to Put in a Gym Bag

Have you taken a look at your gym bag lately? Notice the old protein bar stuck to the bottom? Or is there a weird smell emanating from a deep, dark recess hidden in your bag? It may seem like a no brainer, but by changing the way you pack your bag, you may find it no longer becomes a stinky, junk ridden monster haunting your workout you’d rather just leave behind.

How to Pack the Essentials and Leave the Rest Behind

More often than not, the gym bag becomes an easy catch-all for what you may need throughout the day. Many “just in case” moments lead you to throw in an extra this or that for your workout or post-workout cleanup routine.

The result? A plethora of half-filled water bottles, three pairs of extra socks, and some melted protein bars weighing down your bag. Here are a few tips for keeping your bag light and efficient.

Empty your Bag Daily

Once you’ve arrived back home from your workout, empty your bag immediately. Throw out the dirty clothes and pack your next clean set. Remove your water bottle and any other snacks or accessories. Remove your toiletry bag, inspect it, re-organize it if need be, and set it back in your bag. Now it’s ready for the next workout, and you know exactly what’s in it, so nothing becomes forgotten.

Pack a Smaller Bag within Your Bag

Besides your toiletry bag, if needed, a small bag for your tech and other accessories will ensure you have what you need precisely when you need it. Use it for earplugs, fitness watches, supplements, towels, workout gloves, or other accessories.

Gym Bag Must-Haves

To ensure you’re never caught at the gym without everything you need, create a quick packing list you next to your bag that you can check off just before you head out the door. When considering your must-haves, here are a few items to take into consideration:

  • Change of clothes for the rest of your day (including belt, socks, undergarments)
  • Toiletry bag packed with a razor, soap, shampoo, lotion, toothbrush, etc.
  • Makeup bag with makeup, hair needs, hair accessories, brush, etc.
  • Water bottle, towel if needed, extra equipment if needed
  • Earbuds, fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, etc.
  • Healthy convenience food, snacks, supplements, protein powder, high energy protein bars, fruit (don’t forget it’s there!), etc.(Tip: put all food in a separate sealed baggy)

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