12 February 2021

Why Does Stretching Feel Good?

We all love a stretch in the morning or after a workout, but many of us have also wondered, “why does stretching feel so good?” and, “what are the real benefits of stretching?

The scientific answer is long and technical, but we’ve simplified it here in this article!

We’re also going to give you 5 tips for safe stretching so that you can go ahead and enjoy a good stretch.

Why does stretching feel so good?

The first reason why stretching feels so good is that it realigns your muscles and, in essence, resets your body. Stretching in the morning or after a workout improves posture, lowers blood pressure and gets blood flowing.

After stretching for a while, blood begins to flow to our muscles; this boosts recovery and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for feelings of relaxation. In part, stretching feels good because it allows us to release tension and stress.

Stretching is also known to release feel good hormones (like endorphins) that reduce general pain and boost your mood. When asking “why does stretching feel so good?” it’s important to remember that stretching is good for our muscles and our minds’ reward system rewards us for things that are good for us!

5 tips for safe stretching

  1. Safe stretching means regular stretching. Try to stretch for at least 10 minutes every day to receive the maximum benefit.
  2. Only stretch to the point where you feel mild pain. Pushing your body further than this is not good for your muscles.
  3. Breath into the stretch. By concentrating on your breathing, you are able to really lean into the stretch and push your body to new levels of flexibility.
  4. Be sure to stretch both sides of your body for the same amount of time. It can be helpful to get an egg timer out while you are stretching.
  5. Do not bounce while holding the stretch. There is a misconception that this can be good for your muscles where, in reality, it can make your muscles tighter and even cause injury.

So, there you have it. A complete guide to stretching and why it feels so good.

Be sure to bookmark this article to remind yourself of the key tips…

And then set up your yoga mat and happy stretching!

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