18 November 2020

5 WFH healthy lunch ideas

Working from home can be hard. The days blend into one, motivation is low and distractions are many. Working from home can also have an impact on our diets. It can be easier to reach for the comfort foods when we’re stuck inside and it takes more effort to cook up a healthy lunch than it does to pop to a café from the office.

Luckily, we’ve come up with 5 easy, healthy lunch ideas for when you’re working from home. These all require only what you’ve probably got in your fridge already!

Healthy Lunch Ideas At Home

1. Easy Fajitas

Spray a pan with some low fat cooking oil of your choice. Take peppers and onions and fry until tender. Add some chicken breast to the pan and, when cooked, any spices you like. We recommend cumin and a touch of chilli powder!

Take some cool guacamole and a touch of sour cream and spread them on wholegrain wraps. If you want to cut down on carbs, you can even drop the wrap completely and make a fajita bowl! This whole recipe takes less than 25 minutes and is super tasty.

2. Scrambled Eggs

A simple one but a classic, scrambled eggs can make a delicious lunch! Whisk two or three eggs together with a splash of milk. Put some oil in a pan and pour in the mixture. Let the eggs sit for around 10 seconds before stirring them and repeat this until they are cooked through. You can top these with anything- from chives to smoked salmon!

3. Mexican Bean Wraps

Gently fry some onions, beans, tomatoes and seasoning of your choice in a pan. Once these have simmered for around 10 minutes, warm up some wraps in a microwave. Spoon the ingredients into the wraps and hey presto!

4. Tuna & Rice Salad Bowl

When you’re looking for healthy lunch ideas at home, you really can’t go wrong with a salad. Cook some rice, slice an avocado and a few cucumbers and carrots, add tuna and soy sauce and simply enjoy!

5. Avocado On Toast

If you have avocado left over after this, there are endless combinations of avocado on toast that are quick, easy and super tasty! Our favorite is avo on toast with thinly sliced carrot, garlic and a touch of crème fraiche!

If you try out any of these healthy WFH lunch ideas, leave a comment below!

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

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