24 December 2020

Does Ginger Reduce Belly Fat?

You might have heard rumors going around that ginger reduces belly fat…

This is a commonly spread idea, and an interesting one!

The thought of losing fat just by drinking ginger tea is certainly appealing.

In this article, we’re going to take a deeper look at the truth behind ginger and weight loss as well as looking at some of the other benefits behind ginger tea!

Ginger and weight loss: what you need to know

The short answer to the question, “does ginger reduce belly fat?” is no.

No single food or tea is proven to actively cause you to lose weight. Only exercise, a healthy, balanced diet and a caloric deficit can do this. A caloric deficit means consuming less calories than you burn off.

The idea that ginger can increase your metabolism, meaning that it allows you to burn calories at a faster rate, is not 100% scientifically proven, but it’s worth adding it to your food and drink nonetheless…

Ginger can decrease bloating which can cause you to appear to have less belly fat and it’s a great thing to use in your food or drinks for flavour because it doesn’t have a high quantity of calories or sugar.

Another benefit of ginger tea, in particular, is that it can also allow you to maintain proper hydration and, as a result, to shed the water weight that fluctuates throughout the day.

Ginger tea benefits

So, what are the other benefits of ginger tea?

  • Well, firstly, ginger tea is full of antioxidants. These have a number of health benefits including boosting your immune system.
  • Ginger tea has also been linked to improving migraines and easing headaches.
  • Some studies suggest that ginger tea can lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Ginger tea can have a positive effect when you feel nauseous or in pain.
  • It’s also known to reduce inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation occurs naturally and often as a product of stress. Anti-inflammatory substances, like ginger, can prevent you getting ill and burnt out.

So, there you have it…

No, consuming ginger won’t single-handedly reduce your belly fat, but yes it can definitely help!

More importantly, it’s worth taking ginger even disregarding this, because of all the incredible health properties.

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