20 January 2021

How to Stop Snacking So Much: 6 Easy Tips

Snacking intentionally is totally fine and even encouraged by dietitians because it may help you meet your daily nutritional needs. The problem sets in when you find yourself holding a candy bar out of boredom or licking the last crumbs of chips off your fingers when you were only planning on having a few as you opened the bag. It’s a common issue.

So, here are some easy tips on how to stop snacking so much.

1. Buy Your Snacks in Smaller Packages

Consider buying smaller, individual-sized snack packets rather than big ones. Research-based evidence shows that tinier packages help reduce your chances of overeating in a single sitting.

This may be attributed to the extra time it takes to open a second package, allowing you space to think it through and see that you don’t really need it at the moment.

2. Use Smaller Plates and Bowls

Studies suggest that we often eat 92% of the food on our plates. Therefore, if you fill a giant bowl with pretzels, your brain will probably instruct your body to finish it before you are content. On the contrary, filling a smaller plate creates the illusion of more food and signals your brain to be satisfied with it.

3. Store Your Favorite Snacks Out of Sight

Out of sight, out of mind. Fortunately, this phrase may save you from unnecessary snacking. Seeing your favorite foods may trigger a chemical reaction in the brain that subconsciously makes you reach for them. If they were concealed, however, you would not only avoid mindless snacking but also feel less obliged to go back for more after having your desired ration.

4. Snack Slowly

Did you know that eating slowly may help you eat less, feel fuller, and find the meal more pleasant as opposed to eating fast? Experts think it’s because your digestive system gets more time to send your brain signals saying you are full.

The two most effective tactics for achieving this are using your dominant hand to eat and keeping the snack at a distance so that it takes more time and effort to grab a bite.

5. Eat Proper Meals at Regular Intervals

Eating enough at your appropriate mealtime reduces the chances of feeling cravings between meals. Make sure you are meeting your daily nutritional demands through proper, healthy meals so you don’t feel hungry before it’s time for your next one.

What’s more, if you feel hungry all the time, consider foods high in proteins – they take longer to digest.

6. Think Rationally Before Snacking

Are you hungry or just bored? And if you are hungry, how long is it going to be until your next meal and can you wait?

We always tend to keep our mouths busy when we are bored, anxious, or idle. If you find that your reason for eating is not an empty stomach, try distracting yourself. Moreover, hold off on snacking if you know that your next meal is just around the corner.

Bottom Line

Too much snacking is often a subconscious act that builds up the more we do it. If you want to teach yourself how to stop snacking so much, think smaller packages and plates, keep snacks out of sight, eat slowly, have proper meals, and think twice before grabbing that can of chips.

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