Is Sour Cream Keto Friendly?

4 August 2020


One of the biggest diets that people are praising is the keto diet. The keto diet has been shown to help people drop a lot of weight as it makes your metabolism speed up. However, anyone who is considering the keto diet may want to check with their doctor first to ensure that they are going to be healthy while on this diet. With this being said, there are tons of questions out there about certain foods and whether they are keto friendly or not. Sour cream is one of those items that many people wonder is it keto friendly?

Sour Cream Calories

When you look at sour cream, you will find that just one teaspoon of sour cream has 31 calories in it. From these calories around 86% of this is fat, 8% is carbs and 6% is protein. For this reason, many people put a small amount of sour cream onto their potatoes as they realize how much extra calories that can be added into their diet. But, if you are on the keto diet, is sour cream something that you can eat?

Can You Eat Sour Cream on Keto?

When you are eating a keto friendly diet, you are going to find that it is all about eating a low carb diet that is meant to help the metabolism turn the fat into ketone bodies which is where a person gets their energy from. This is why the keto diet is something that many people are interested in as it changes the way that the body normally gets its energy, which is from carbs being turned into glucose.

So, is sour cream something that you can eat when you are on the keto diet? Yes! Sour cream has only 8% of carbs in it per teaspoon. And 86% of this is fat, so it is exactly the type of food that you can include in your keto friendly diet. Be sure to eat this in moderation, like you normally would, and you should find that it doesn’t interfere with your diet goals.

The keto diet is something that many people are interested in since it does allow you to eat more of the foods that you like and probably normally ate. Such as that sour cream that you may love to have on your tacos or the like. This is one diet that can give you results when it comes to weight loss.

Image by Vlad Nordwing from Pixabay

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