20 March 2020

Konjac Noodles: Are They Good For You?

When talking about noodles, most people who are trying to watch what they eat, or they are adopting a low carb diet, noodles are something that are off limits. The problem is that tons of dishes out there contain noodles, and when you can’t have them, they are often the one thing that you do want. The good news is that Konjac noodles are something that everyone can get on board with, even those who are dieting.

What is Konjac?

Konjac is made into noodles but derives from a plant, meaning that this is carb free. The plant is grown in Asian countries and often referred to as elephant yam, or even snake’s tongue. It does have a gel like structure, but this is easily turned into noodles. It is virtually calorie free and carb free, but it contains a lot of fiber, which is something that many people are lacking in today’s diets.

Konjac Noodles Recipe Ideas

The wonderful thing about Konjac noodles is that they can be substituted into any type of noodle or rice dish that you are going to make. The noodle itself may be a bit more rubber texture than what you are used to. However, the taste is not going to be affected, it simply takes time for people to get used to these.

For those who are ready to try these out, check out some of the easy recipe ideas:

  1. Your favorite pasta sauce with Konjac noodles for a low carb spaghetti that the entire family will love. Just prepare this as you would normally prepare spaghetti.
  2. Beef Stir Fry: Combine cooked beef (your choice) with mixed vegetables (of your choice) and then throw in some noodles. You can add soy sauce if you want to have a bit more flavor, just opt for a low sodium sauce.
  3. Fry an egg and then chop this into pieces. Add in some mixed peas and carrots to the cooked Konjac noodles, and a dash of soy sauce for your own healthier version of fried rice.
  4. Buy the noodles in lasagna shape and make your favorite homemade lasagna recipe minus all the carbs that this would normally have.
  5. Take Konjac noodles, some cubed chunks of ham and mix this together, for a high fiber and protein noodle dish that is easy to make.

Konjac noodles are a great way to stay healthy while also getting to enjoy those pasta dishes that you love.

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