12 February 2021

Warrior Diet: Pros, Cons and More

Every year there seems to be even more diets that make their way to the general public. These diets can be anything that promise more energy, those that promise dramatic weight results, and even those diets that are geared towards those who suffer with certain health conditions. The Warrior Diet is one of those diets that is out there that many people are interested in trying out to help with their weight loss goals.

What is the Warrior Diet?

The Warrior diet is a diet that aims at fasting or under-eating throughout the day and then indulging in a meal at night. It also includes a lot of exercise in this diet that is often scheduled during the times that you are fasting. During the fasting or under-eating period, you are allowed to have a few foods so that you are not starving yourself. You can eat raw veggies and fruits, hard-boiled eggs, and drink beverages like black coffee and zero-calorie beverages.

The key is that you should not be eating a ton during this fasting period. This fasting period lasts for 20 hours. You then get a 4 hour window to eat what you want. While you will want to stick to healthy foods for nutrient purposes, you are not really limited on what you can eat.

Warrior Diet Results

Those who are using the Warrior Diet will find that the pros of this diet include that it can help aid in weight loss, help with blood sugar issues, it may help with inflammation and it can reduce your risk of cognitive diseases. However, many people point out that this can lead to binge eating and it can be very difficult to follow, and there are still studies that are gaining evidence on whether this diet is a great option or not.

Warrior Diet Meal Plan Sample

Here is a day sample of what you could eat:

  • Breakfast: Glass of water, cup of black coffee, 3 Brazil nuts and 1 ounce of almonds
  • Snack: Handful of blueberries, protein drink and a glass of water
  • Snack #2: Protein shake and a handful of blueberries
  • Your feast period of 4 hours: You could eat whatever you want, but try to keep it healthy. An idea would include grilled chicken breasts, some cooked veggies, fruits, scrambled eggs, whole grain toast, sweet potatoes and a yogurt with raisins for dessert.

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