15 May 2020

What to Eat Before and After HIIT Workout

A HIIT workout is one of those workouts that can get the blood pumping and get you results. However, a huge part of getting results out of any workout is eating the right foods. We are not just talking about your regular diet, we are talking about eating the right foods to not only fuel your HIIT workout, but to also help you to come down from the workout. You want the food to give you energy and go into your body to help build the muscles. Therefore, what you eat will ensure that you are getting the best possible results from your HIIT workout.

What To Eat Before HIIT Workout

So, what should you eat before HIIT workout? You are going to want to make sure that you eating some carbs to give you some energy. Carbs act as fuel to your muscles, and let’s face it when you do a HIIT workout, you are going to be using those muscles. So, aim to eat some simple and complex carbs to get the best benefit to your HIIT workout. A few ideas:

  • Oatmeal with sliced peaches
  • Whole-grain toast with banana slices
  • Whole grain crackers with apple slices and nut butter

Also consider having a bit of caffeine before your HIIT workout. This can help to give the extra energy that you need to really make the most of this HIIT workout. Don’t overdo the caffeine as this can make you jittery and even nauseated, which is not going to work for your HIIT workout.

What to Eat After HIIT Workout

After your HIIT workout, you are going to want to eat the right foods to make sure that the work you put into this workout is going to pay off. Do not reach for a cheat food just because you worked out! Instead, you will want to opt for protein and carbs to help replenish the muscles. Avoid those fatty and salty foods, as this is not going to help you. A few suggestions:

  • A glass of milk with some fruit
  • A turkey wrap that is made with a whole-wheat tortilla
  • Greek yogurt with a sprinkling of oats
  • The ever faithful protein shake

For those who utilize the HIIT workout, then eating the right food before and after the workout can make your results even better. When you are giving the body the fuel that it needs you can workout harder and get better results. And it helps your body to overcome the hard workout that you gave it when eating right after the workout.

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

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