8 October 2020

World Egg Day: 3 Recipes to Celebrate

Whether you've never heard of World Egg Day or you're the world's biggest fan, a chance to celebrate by cooking delicious egg recipes is never a bad thing!

In this article, we're going to give you 3 recipes that will allow you to celebrate World Egg Day in style!

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History of Egg Day

So what is World Egg Day, you might be wondering...

On the second Friday in October every year, World Egg Day events are held both publicly and privately as a reminder of the nutritional benefits of eggs. In particular, eggs are a great source of protein.

Put simply, they play a vital role in nutrition across cultures and the IEC Vienna Conference in 1996 chose a day to celebrate this!

3 Easy Egg Recipes to Try

1. Deviled Eggs

If you're looking for an easy egg recipe this World Egg Day, you can't get much better than deviled eggs!

To make this dish, simply boil your eggs and then leave them covered for around 15 minutes. Once cooled, peel the shells off under cold running water then slice the eggs in half.

Top them with paprika for a classic combination or try chopping up smoked salmon and chives for something a little fancier!

2. Special Scrambled Eggs

This is not just an easy egg recipe, but a versatile one too! Though plain scrambled eggs is a recipe that most of us know, the variations that can be made are incredible.

Start by whisking your eggs in a bowl and seasoning with pepper. Add cheese if you like. Melt some butter over heat and add in your eggs.

After this, chop up an avocado and season with chili peppers. Spoon your eggs onto the plate and dice peppers up as a topping.

3. Frittata

Originating in Italy, frittatas are essentially crustless quiches that can be made out of whatever ingredients you have in the cupboards. To make a frittata, simply remember this ratio:

6 eggs: ¼ cup milk : 1 cup cheese : 2 cups veg or meat
From here, no matter which ingredients you choose to include, your frittata is sure to turn out to be the perfect consistency!

Happy World Egg Day

If there is one thing that this article has made clear, it's how awesome eggs really are... World Egg Day is definitely a valid celebration!

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