31 December 2020

5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Achieve

With the New Year right around the corner, have you been thinking about the resolutions that you want to achieve? Most people think about the regular losing weight, stopping a bad habit or something else. However, how many people actually achieve their resolutions? Not many. In many cases, they are going about these resolutions wrong or they are making a resolution that is impossible to stick to. Check out these 5 healthy New Year’s resolutions that you can stick to and be healthier by the end of 2021.

1. Eat more whole foods

You are not having to stick to an entire diet with this resolution, but it is going to get you healthier by the end of the year. Whole foods refers to eating more vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish and whole grains. Add these to your regular meals or find ways to replace them in your regular meals. It is an easy substitution that will help you to get the nutrients that your body needs to survive and thrive.

2. Take some more “me” time

While many people may think that this is hard, you are not considering all the ways that you can get quality “me” time. Before you think that this is selfish, you need to realize that this can help with stress levels and help with your overall health, so this is something that you need to be doing. What can you do? Make a vow to take a favorite yoga class each week, or maybe state that you are going to take an extra hour of sleep on a Saturday instead of getting up early.

3. Try a new hobby

Has there always been something that you wanted to try? Well now is the time to do this. Those who have hobbies have been shown to be healthier and live a longer life. So, branch out and try something new. This doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the hobby that you stick throughout the year. If you try it and it doesn’t work out or is not what you thought it would be, find something else. The key is to try something new to help with your overall mental health.

4. Stop talking negatively about your own body

This may be harder for people to commit to, but it is going to be so healthy for you if you can stop talking negatively about your own body. Quit looking in the mirror and saying if only I could lose 10 more pounds, or the like. When you talk about yourself negatively, it affects your self-esteem to the point that you become even more depressed, and this can lead to other mental health issues. Make a conscious decision to point out something that you love about your body every day, and stop with the negativity. You will feel more comfortable in your own body and it will show to everyone.

5. Make a goal to purchase more healthier household products

While we know that we are what we eat, we also need to consider that the things that you use in your home can affect your health as well. Make it a goal to purchase more natural products. For example, consider a natural laundry detergent to help improve your skin. You can find natural cleansers for your home everywhere that contain no chemicals. Go more natural and see how your body will differ in a year.

These are small resolutions that you can actually keep because they are small changes that are going to improve your life.

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