11 October 2020

7 Tips to Get Lean This Fall

We know what it's like... Summer is a time filled with beach days and tank tops. When fall comes around, it can be hard to sustain the motivation to work out.

Yet fall is actually the perfect time to get lean! Away from the distraction of beers and barbecues in the sun and with less to do outdoors, fall is a great time to focus on your goals. 

Make sure to read this article in full for all the tips you need to get lean this fall. 

1: Eat Fiber Rich Foods

Eating foods that are rich in fiber increases the feeling of fullness without increasing the calories you consume, allowing you to stay lean and stay away from the more calorific foods. Some great foods to eat include whole grains, whole fruits and nuts and seeds. 

What's more, by consuming fiber-rich foods you'll also end up eating a healthy, balanced diet since most fiber is plant-based! 

2: Work Out At Home

In 2020, visiting the gym can be a struggle... The good news is that it's super easy to get lean at home! In fact, it can often be easier to get lean during fall at home rather than in the gym. You can work out any time in only the smallest spaces with short cardio-based workouts including, for instance, skipping or star jumps.

3: Increase Cardio

The key to getting lean is increasing your cardio so that you burn more calories than you consume... Try to incorporate cardio-based workouts at least 4 times a week. 

4: Track What You Eat

If you're struggling to get lean despite working out consistently, you probably need to take track of what you're eating. By writing down what you eat, or using an app, you'll soon notice where those calories are adding up! 

5: Reduce Alcohol Consumption

One place where calories can easily rack up is in alcohol. What's more, as long as your body is burning the alcohol you're drinking, you aren't losing any fat! 

6: Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals out allows you to track macros (protein, carbs and fats) more easily. This allows you to figure out the perfect balance that allows you to keep losing weight. 

7: Focus On Body Fat Not Weight

It can be easy to get carried away with a number on the scale, but never forget that getting lean is not about weight loss. It's about fat loss. 

As you progress on your fall fat loss journey, remember that muscle weighs more than fat!

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