20 June 2019

5 activity holidays to enjoy

When you go on holiday, do you crave adventure and exploring? If so, you may be wondering what some activity holidays are that you can choose from for your next getaway. Let’s go on to discover some fun activity and adventure holidays.

Activity and adventure holidays

1. Go on a road trip

Road trips are a fun way to really get to know your adventure buddies, and they also give you the freedom to stop along wherever you’d like. This is a great option for family activity holidays in the USA because in the western states, for example, there is a lot to see packed into an area that is easiest to access and explore by car. Your family could visit the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Zion National Park along one long road trip. This way, you can also choose how long you want to spend in each area and simply hop back into the car when you are ready to move onto the next.

There’s nothing quite like having the freedom that a car gives you while on a holiday full of adventure.

2. Go camping

Camping takes you out of your comfort place and re-connects you with nature. You can select from camping sites by the beach, near a lake, in the mountains, in the desert with a view, etc. The best part is you can choose your ideal location, plan excursions and day trips around your site, and come back for fireside or simple site chats in the evening. Be sure to check the gear required before you go, as those who have gone camping have told many funny stories, including those of forgotten necessary items such as a rain fly.

3. Go backpacking

What’s an adventure holiday without ‘no connection’ zones? There are so many trails out there waiting to be explored, but be warned: backpacking is not something to do with a group of all beginners. For one of ‘road trip’ activity holidays, check out backpacking trips you can do at Bryce Canyon and the Rocky Mountain Trail in Shenandoah National Park. Visit a local outdoor store before heading out on your adventure to be sure you have the necessary gear.

4. Go on a bike trip

Do you prefer to be on two wheels rather than on your feet? You can go on a pre-planned cycling vacation where you stop off at locations of your choosing, or simply grab your bike and gear and go explore. One must-visit destination for cyclists in the USA is Travelers Rest, where you can bike out and through the Blue Ridge Mountains.

5. Go island hopping

Island hopping is a fun way to pack in a ton of adventure and exploring in gorgeous settings. It is a wonderful option for smaller group travel, as you can maneuver around the islands, go out to eat, and hop on ferries at the last minute much easier with fewer people.

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