3 August 2019

Benefits of Connecting with Nature: how nature helps us

Have you ever been spending time and nature and felt a shift in something... intangible? Having gratitude for nature and the earth that sustains us is important, and there are countless positive effects of nature on humans, whether we are aware of all of them or not.

Let’s go on to learn 7 of the benefits of connecting with nature.

Benefits of being in nature

1. Stress reduction

In today’s world, we are seeing more and more people dealing with stress, anxiety and/or depression. This trend has been linked to urbanization and especially in places where there are fewer ‘natural’ areas. Many people find that it can be overwhelming and stress inducing to live, for example, in a ‘concrete jungle’ and not see greenery or pure nature/life. When you touch your feet to grass or your hand to a tree, there can be a natural reduction of stress, which is exactly one of the benefits of connecting with nature. So go ahead, hug a tree, as cliché as it sounds. You’ll feel better for it.

2. Increase your energy levels

In the standard day-to-day life, many find themselves turning to caffeine and energy boosts to get through the day. There are many studies, including one by the University of Rochester, that have shown that people naturally feel more energized when connecting with nature at the start of their day and with a greater sense of vitality.

3. Healing nature

When dealing with health-related challenges, it is encouraging to spend time out in nature - for example, having a morning walk can be really useful both for body and for mind. It can help to calm down your system, lower blood pressure, and aid in recovery: this is how nature helps humans!

4. See the world outside of ‘your own world’

When you are living your daily life in your usual environment, sometimes to re-connect to the outside world beyond ‘your own little world’ reminds you that there is so much more out there.

5. Room to play

Even if you have a backyard, there is nothing like wide-open spaces out in nature. If you enjoy running, trailheads through parks or the countryside give you plenty of space to explore. If you are with your family, kids (and adults!) also have plenty of room to play and not worry about throwing a ball over the neighbor’s fence. Playing and being in nature helps to connect with it and gives lots of benefits: it brings you back to the purest environment, away from developments and in the space to enjoy being alive on this earth.

6. Improved sleep quality

Improved sleep quality is one of the positive effects of nature many people notice the night immediately after connecting with nature, especially if it had been some time. If you can spend even 20 minutes a day in nature, taking in the sun with your eyes closed, see how quickly your sleep quality begins to improve.

7. Reminder to take a deep breath

When in nature, there is nothing like taking a deep breath of fresh air. Deep breathing is an excellent practice to incorporate into day-to-day life and connecting with nature gives you a gentle reminder to do so more often.

With all these 7 benefits of being in nature, prioritizing spending some time in nature can make all the difference in your overall happiness and health.

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