15 April 2019

6 benefits of waking up early in the morning

Do you find yourself rolling over and snoozing your alarm in the morning, yet later wishing you had more time during your day? There are many benefits of waking up early and syncing your body clock to be an early riser, and many of them you will notice a difference in right away. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit, so here are 6 advantages of getting up early in the morning to inspire you to set your alarm for an earlier time tomorrow:

Benefits of waking up early

1. Reduced risk of breast cancer

According to a 2018 research by the University of Bristol, being a morning person reduced the likelihood of developing breast cancer.

2. Improved sleep quality

One of the major benefits of going to bed early and waking up early is that you will have deeper cycles of sleep. Sleep is crucial for your health, as this is when your body is able to rest and recover. Plus, when you get quality sleep, you will have an even better next day!

3. More time to enjoy your day

Are there things that you would love to do during the day, but feel as if you don’t have the time? For example, perhaps you would love to fit in a 20-minute meditation session, morning walk, or dedicated time for a hobby, but simply feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. When you wake up early in the morning, you have more time to enjoy your day and are more inclined to feel as if you really do have time to do all the things you want to do.

4. Eat healthier

When you have more time in your day, you have more time to make healthy food decisions. You can fit in that grocery run rather than grabbing take out, and you have the time to make a healthy meal at home, take the time to enjoy cooking and have fun while doing it!

5. Peaceful start to your morning

When you wake up early in the morning, there is nothing like that feeling as if the world around is quiet, peaceful and still sleeping. As not all people are up and about early, you have that time to enjoy your morning with less commotion about. Take that time to enjoy the peace and quiet in your home, go for a walk down the quiet streets or trails, or pop on over to a café during its opening hours where you’ll avoid the crazy lines and get the first selection of a fresh pastry and a hot cup of tea.

6. Avoid feeling rushed

Waking up early means that you have extra time before you need to be somewhere and get your day started. How many times have you postponed your alarm or simply took too long getting ready, so you ended up feeling rushed to get out the door? When you wake up early, you avoid all that so you can have a leisurely morning and avoid feeling rushed. This is one of the major advantages of getting up early in the morning that you will notice the first day you do so!

The best part is, these are only 6 of the benefits of waking up early. Others include a body clock that flows with work patterns and school timetables, having more energy, being a better problem solver, and being more organized.

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