23 May 2020

Exercise and Skin: What You Need to Know

When a lot of people decide that they are going to exercise, they worry about their skin. Does exercise make the skin better? Or is it going to result in more skin issues? We know that exercise is vital for your heart, lungs and even your mental health. But, how does it affect the skin?

Does Exercise Make Skin Better?

The answer to this is a simple yes! When it comes to does exercise make skin better, there is no doubt that this is answered with a yes! So, how does it do this?

When you exercise, you are going to be increasing the blood flow. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the working cells throughout the body, including your skin cells. This also works in helping to get the cells carrying away the debris in the body. So professionals want you to look at exercise as a way to care for the skin from the inside.

In Addition, Exercise Makes the Skin Better By the Following Factors:

  1. Decreasing stress. Everyone knows that stress can wreak havoc on your skin, it can make wrinkles worse. It can even make your skin extra oily or extra dry. Stress is a killer when it comes to your skin. And with exercise, you are decreasing stress. Plus, did you realize that stress can cause your skin to break out in acne or even hives?!
  2. While the toning of your muscles is not going to make your skin expand or contract. You will find that when you build up your muscles, that the skin is going to look better naturally as the muscles take shape rather than fat.

For those who are going to workout and want to ensure that their skin is going to reap the benefits, they do need to make sure that they take precautions when needed. For example, if you will be working out outdoors, then be sure that you wear sunscreen to protect your skin. However, when you sweat that sunscreen can become obsolete. So, be sure to wear clothing that covers your skin to prevent more sunburn.

In addition, chafing is a big issue when working out in heat or the sun which can cause a huge skin issue. For those who are prone to this, be sure to wear moisture wicking fabrics to avoid these rashes and irritation. Taking these precautions will ensure that your exercise is only benefiting your skin rather than causing additional issues.

Photo by Lauren on Unsplash

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