16 July 2019

5 memory-building exercises

If you want to keep your brain sharp, you can get creative with fun ways to keep your mind challenged and improve your memory. The earlier you get in the habit of doing so, the greater the difference you will see over the years to come. Luckily, brain exercises to improve memory are quite fun and easy to work into your day-to-day life.

Here are 5 exercises to improve memory.

Exercises to improve your memory

1. Learn a foreign language

This brain exercise improves memory, but it also gives you so much more than that. It trains your mind to learn and retain something new and you can experience the world in a different way by learning a foreign language. As you learn something complex and completely different from your own natural way of thinking, you can protect an aging brain and keep your brain and cognitive function active.

Some helpful ways to learn a language and fully engage your mind are: join in-person classes, use a mobile app to practice daily every day, and recruit a friend to learn along with you! Consider why you want to learn a specific language in the first place as well and your chances of staying dedicated are even higher!

2. Tell a story

When you are fully engaged and telling a story, you require your brain to pull memories and details from some time ago. This exercises your memory and you will also benefit from remembering fun stories more clearly the more you recount them.

3. Challenge yourself to memorize a poem or a song

When you memorize something, your brain focuses on every single detail. A song even encourages you to remember how the melody and how each line flows to create a song. For a poem, try choosing your favorite inspirational one or one that you really connect with. You’ll always be happy to know and remember this!

4. Remember the name of every person you meet

Many people say that they have a difficult time remembering the names of new people they meet. So listen, prioritize the name in your mind, use the person’s name as you speak with them, and later in the evening, recall the names of people you met that day.

Remembering people’s names is also an exercise you will be thankful for as you find yourself being able to do so more naturally after some dedication and brain training!

5. Do crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles stimulate your brain and improve memory, and they are fun to do! You can pick up small little booklets and fit in one or two during your day.

Consistency is important for cognitive function, so these brain exercises for memory give you the opportunity to choose from something you enjoy and benefit your brain health and memory!

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