5 June 2019

Feeling tired all the time? Here are the common causes

Have you been asking yourself, ‘Why do I feel tired all the time?’ Feeling tired and sleepy all the time is not conducive to living your days to the fullest extent and can make one feel rather like they are simply getting through their days. So if you or a loved one has been always feeling tired and unsure why, read on to discover some of the most common reasons for feeling tired all the time.

Common causes for feeling tired all the time

1. Not getting enough quality sleep

This might seem like an obvious cause, but it is so important to get quality sleep so you feel rejuvenated and well rested to take on the next day. So consider how many hours of quality sleep you feel the best after and do your best to get that every single night.

What you can do to get quality sleep:

Some tips to get a better night sleep are: schedule your day so you get what you need to before it is time to start winding down, lower the temperature in your room a bit, turn off all lights and block out any indirect light, and say ‘no’ to screen time an hour before going to bed. It is also helpful to stick to a sleep schedule so your body and mind ‘know’ when it’s time to start winding down and your natural alarm clock gently wakes you up in the morning.

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2. Not getting enough exercise

Not getting enough exercise or simple inactivity is a very common cause of feeling tired. It is crucial to get movement in every day in order to boost your energy levels. Even if you feel too tired, do gentle movement every day so your body can get that boost and naturally raise your energy levels.

What you can do to get more exercise:

Take the stairs when you can rather than the elevator, go for a 10 minute walk and then increase the time every day if you can, and move within the comfort of your home to just get simple movement in.

3. Not properly nourishing your body

Your diet and hydration levels make a massive impact on how you feel and in turn, your energy levels throughout the day. If you are eating too many refined carbs, for example, your body doesn’t have the proper nourishment and fuel to function.

What you can do to properly nourish your body:

When you are focusing on shifting your diet habits, it can be helpful to aim for a plant-based diet. This helps to ensure you are eating a well-rounded diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit. It is extremely helpful to meal plan and meal prep so that you know you have healthy options to eat throughout the day. For starters, build healthy meals that have a balance between with protein, fat and carbs.

4. High stress levels

If you are experiencing high stress, your energy levels and quality of life can be dramatically impacted. As your body is using energy for stress, it has less capacity and energy for other parts of your life.

What you can do for high stress levels:

Practice stress management every day, even when you are not feeling stressed. For example, it is helpful to practice mindfulness and meditate every day, as it is a practice and the more you practice it, the greater you will feel its benefits.

It should be known that there is a difference between feeling ‘tired’ and being ‘fatigued’. Fatigue is a lingering and consistent feeling of tiredness that limits you. So consider how long you have been feeling tired all the time, first address and adapt some healthy lifestyle changes, and work to rule out medical conditions if you continue to feel fatigued.

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