13 December 2019

How Often Should You Work Out?

Deciding when and for how long you should exercise can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t clearly defined your fitness goals. But, with a little planning and a bit of vision, finding the workout regimen sweet spot is entirely within reach.

The Optimal Amount of Exercise Per Week

How often you should work out ultimately depends on your current fitness level and your future goals. If you are new to regular exercise, starting out gently is the best way to go. You may want to begin with three days a week. But make sure whatever routine you choose elevates your heart rate enough to challenge your body at whatever level you find yourself at.

Once you’re accustomed to working out three days a week, try incorporating two more days. But make sure you vary your routine so that you don’t burn yourself out. The exercise options are almost limitless: yoga, pilates, weight training, swimming, jogging, sports, cycling, interval training, and so on.

How Long Should You Work Out?

Ultimately you should aim for at least three hours of exercise per week, which consists of both aerobic activity and strength training. Really, you can break it out in whatever way you see fit. If you’re a beginner, you may need to work your way up to this. If you’re relatively fit, meeting this goal may be more manageable. Some people find this amount of time spread throughout the week works well. While others may need a little bit more. It’s all dependent on your goals.

You may work out thirty minutes a day, six days a week, or one hour a day, three days a week. Either way, a consistent routine that challenges your body but doesn’t overextend it will get you well on your way to your fitness goals.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Choosing exactly what kind of exercise routine to do is all about the lifestyle you envision for yourself. If your goal is to live a long, healthy life, then a combination of light jogging and strength training may be all you need. If, however, your goal is to complete a half marathon in a year, your training plan will look very different.

Whatever goal you choose, make sure that at the core of your plan is the desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your goals should always keep your cardiovascular, skeletal, and muscular health into consideration.

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