6 April 2019

How to deal with anxiety at work: 7 tips to manage it

Have you experienced anxiety at work and thought to yourself, ‘not here, not here’? When work gets stressful and anxiety kicks in, knowing how to deal with anxiety at work can make all the difference. After all, dealing with anxiety attacks at work and getting flustered and overwhelmed, especially when in a professional setting, is not a great feeling.

Luckily, there are ways that you can manage your anxiety in the office and put your best foot forward. Let’s read on to discover some tips you can incorporate into your day when dealing with anxiety at work.

How to deal with anxiety at work

1. Set realistic goals

When you are flustered and overwhelmed, you are more prone to experience anxiety. So, be realistic with yourself regarding what you can take on. Set realistic goals and give yourself the time and space to complete tasks efficiently.

If your anxiety has already kicked in, take 5 minutes to sit down and write out your top priorities/goals for the day. This will give you something to focus on, distract yourself from your anxiety, and ensure you can continue with a productive workday.

2. Avoid gossip and futile feuds

The workplace can, unfortunately, be a place that fuels gossip. Do your best to avoid gossip and futile feuds so that you surround yourself only with uplifting and positive energy in your workspace. After all, it is so important that you have a healthy environment at work to avoid unnecessary stress and/or anxiety.

3. Try breathing techniques

Breathing exercises are easy to do within the comfort of your office or outside on a quick 5-minute walk. They are great to incorporate into your work routine, perhaps when you arrive into the office and after your lunch break, and are effective for the times you are already experiencing anxiety and need to center yourself.

4. Take breaks and try to distract yourself

Working straight through the day can sometimes make you feel like things are piling up. It is important to take breaks during your day and remember that you are an individual outside of the workplace, too. When things get stressful, reflect on whether it is something to buckle down and push through, or whether a quick refresher will bring you a clear mind. More often than not, a quick walk or water break will leave you with a clearer mind.

5. Avoid caffeine and drink water

Caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that can cause nervousness, increased heart rate and respiration, and other side effects. When you are already prone to anxiety, it is helpful to avoid caffeine, or at least reduce your caffeine consumption. Caffeine also resembles symptoms of anxiety, so when stress levels are high, you’ll want to be clear on what you are experiencing and why. Drink plenty of water instead, which is wonderful for your health, and incorporate herbal teas if you still want that comforting hot cup of something.

6. Talk with a colleague you get along with

When you are dealing with anxiety at work, talk with a colleague you get along with. Especially if the anxiety you are experiencing is work-related, it can help to talk through things with someone who will understand you.

7. Take note of the situations that give you anxiety

Anxiety at work, in general, is often triggered by situations that will unfortunately repeat themselves. Take note of the situations that give you anxiety and consider:

  • 1: if you can avoid them, or
  • 2: how to manage them if they happen again.

Whether you may be dealing with work-related anxiety or experiencing general anxiety at work, it is vital that you discover what tools and methods work for you to manage it. You and your career will only benefit from doing so!

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