3 June 2019

How to deal with Monday blues

Oh, Mondays. When Monday, or even Sunday, rolls around are you all too familiar with the Monday blues? If you have experienced Monday blues, you know that it can be a pattern that continues to show up. Luckily, you can beat the Monday blues with just a few easy tips! Let’s go on to learn 5 effective tips on how to deal with Monday stress.

How to deal with Monday blues

Identify what it is about Mondays that is bringing the blues

The first step to dealing with the Monday blues is to first identify the problem.

Create a Monday tradition

Having something to look forward to every Monday, particularly after work, is a wonderful way to shift from living the Monday blues each week to being excited for Mondays to roll around. It can be something as small as a mid-day walk, meditation class, a fun art class, karaoke night, or game night with your friends. Choose something that will make you think ‘ok Monday, bring it on’.

Prep for Monday morning the night before

Decision fatigue can build up through the days, so something as simple as choosing what to wear on Monday mornings can start requiring energy and attention that could very effectively be used elsewhere. So before you go to bed on Sunday night, have a few things set up for yourself the next morning, such as: your outfit selected, your work bag packed, packed healthy snacks and/or lunch, a full tank of gas. Rushing around on Monday mornings is no fun, and it is very simple to dedicate some preparation time the night before! This will help you shift into an ‘I got this’ mentality, which will be very helpful in beating or least dampening the Monday blues.

Start your day off on the right foot

What does your ideal morning look like at home? Do you love to go for a morning walk or practice yoga? Do you love to have a cup of coffee in your backyard? Is breakfast with your family in the morning something that uplifts you? Whatever your ideal morning may look like, start your Monday (and ideally everyday) off on the right foot with a realistic version that is as close to possible as your ideal morning.

Write a gratitude list and focus on the positives

Yes, Mondays may mean the beginning of the standard work week. But how wonderful is it that you have a paying job. Bring out a notepad and pen or write a quick list on your phone of 5 things that you are grateful for. They don’t have to be big things, but just 5 things that come to mind that you are grateful for in that moment. Some examples to get your mind thinking positively are: a roof over your head, blue sky, great morning walk, family time during breakfast, great cup of coffee, quality sleep last night, etc.

Focus on the positives instead of being sucked into the “ugh” mentality and you may just be able to see Monday as a chance for a fresh start. You have a new week ahead of you.. so what are you going to do with it?

These 5 tips on how to overcome the Monday blues are very effective once you dedicate some time and energy to them. Remember, Monday is just a day; you can make Monday whatever type of day you want to be!

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