22 November 2019

How To Find Motivation To Practice

With any change you decide to take on in life, finding the motivation to adopt a new routine and stick to it can be especially challenging. This is no truer when we talk about exercise and wellness. You may be choosing to eat more healthily, burn more calories during your day, or strengthen your core to keep your body active. Whatever the mission, accomplishing your fitness goal can become complicated.

Some Ideas When You're Feeling Down

If adopting a new routine is challenging, then it feels nearly impossible when you're feeling down and trying to find the motivation. The last thing any of us want to do in a severe funk is to work up a sweat or challenge our bodies in any way. Motivation may be hiding in a tucked-away corner somewhere, but here are some tips to help flush it out.

Imagine The Adrenaline Rush

Surely you've felt the adrenaline rush through your body after completing a workout routine. Or maybe you discover that you ride on a natural high for hours after you exercise. When motivation is missing, remember how good that natural high feels. Tell yourself you can feel it again just by putting one foot in front of the other. You'll feel proud of yourself that you pushed past the down feelings and stuck to your fitness routine.

Opt For A Quick Workout

If the thought of a full workout routine seems too daunting, challenge yourself instead with a smaller exercise session. The goal is to keep moving. After all, a little exercise is ALWAYS better than no exercise at all. You may not complete the session you originally planned. Still, you should feel proud of yourself for getting moving and sticking to the plan.

Record Your Fitness Before And After

Take a before picture, record your measurements, or track your BMI. Have that information handy to remind you of your goal and the timeframe to accomplish it in. Knowing that you've got an "after" moment to account for may help motivate you to get moving when you're feeling down.

The key to true mental, physical, or nutritional fitness is to keep moving toward your goals despite no motivation to practice new routines. Remember, when you're down, put one foot in front of the other, and you will succeed.

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