12 April 2019

How to improve your mood naturally: follow these 5 tips

Have you been feeling a little ‘blue’ lately and are now asking yourself, ‘what are some natural ways to improve my mood?’ You’ve already taken the biggest step, which is acknowledging that you want to take action for something to change and that you want to do so naturally. Now, it is just a matter of exploring how to improve your mood naturally. Let’s go on to discover 5 tips for boosting your mood naturally.

How to improve your mood naturally

1. Acknowledge what you are feeling and be patient with yourself

If you are feeling blue or depressed, it can be extremely beneficial to first acknowledge what you are feeling. It gives yourself the opportunity to make the connection that it is something you are experiencing, but it is not you. Remember to not blame yourself and be patient with yourself.

2. Exercise

Although you might want to just curl up on the couch or in bed, exercise is a wonderful way to boost your mood, as you get to release those endorphins. It doesn’t need to be a rigorous workout, either. You can also go for a walk, practice yoga (which is beneficial for your body and mind), go rock climbing, or do something that just sounds fun. However it may be, get your body moving to lift your spirits and work off some pent up stress.

3 .Get quality sleep

Experts say that quality sleep is crucial for people who are experiencing depression. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule helps your body and mind stay with a routine and know when it is time to be up and present.

4. Absorb the sunlight

Soaking up the sun, even just for five minutes, is one of the most natural ways to boost your mood. So open up those blinds when you wake up in the morning, go for a morning walk in the beneficial morning sunlight, and keep the curtains open in your house for some natural and mood-boosting light. According to Michael Terman, PhD, the director of the Center for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms at Columbia University Medical Center, “Brightening your bedroom when you wake up helps you feel happier all day.”

If you live in a place where you don’t get as much sunlight or if it is during the winter season, you can swap out incandescent bulbs in your home for some fluorescent bulbs, as fluorescent ones mimic sunlight.

5. Spent time with someone who makes you feel loved and happy

When you are spending time alone, it is easy to slip deeper into your feelings and experience. So, call a friend or spend time with someone who makes you feel loved and happy, and it will give your mood a natural boost. It doesn’t need to be a human either! If you love cats or dogs, spend time with a furry friend and you’ll reduce your cortisol levels and release those feel-good hormones. Plus, all the silly things that animals do will make your heart happy and put a smile on your face.

Many people are affected by declining mood, depression, and feeling ‘blue’. It is so important to discover what lifts your spirits and to have a few ‘go-to’ ways to boost your mood for if and when you experience some of these feelings.

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