26 January 2021

How to Maintain Work-Life Balance When Working from Home

When you are working from home, you may feel a little of balance. While you may not be having to get up super early to make the commute, you are still going to be giving up those interactions that you would normally have with people at work. This situation may be making you feel like you are isolated, and let’s face it, when you feel isolated, this can lead to depression and other mental health issues. It is important that you still have a work-life balance even when working from home, and we have some great ways to ensure that this is the case.

Create a morning routine

You may not be going to work anymore, but you still need to stick to a morning routine to help you keep that line between being at home and chilling to working. Be sure that you still get up early in time to have a cup of coffee, eat some breakfast and ready to jump into working.

Take breaks

Don’t just sit at your computer all day! You need to take breaks otherwise you are going to feel exhausted from all that you have done sitting at the computer. Plus, you will find that taking a break every hour or so can help you to keep on task better.

Create a workspace

It is hard to balance work and home life when you are doing your work in your home space. For this reason be sure that you are creating a workspace. It also helps your brain to go into work mode when you are in this space. Try to make this a location away from the television and other distractions that way you can focus on work only.

Socialize with your colleagues

Socializing is a bit different when you are trying to find a work-life balance. While you may not be congregating around the water cooler, you will find that you can come up with new ways of socializing. Talk with your colleagues through instant messaging or even set aside a time every week for everyone to get onto a Zoom call and actually see each other.


Be sure that you quit working at the time that you are supposed to. Disconnect from all things work related and realize that this is home time. You will find it may be difficult, but have set hours for when you work to make this easier.

Photo by Grovemade on Unsplash

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