11 August 2019

Tips on how to overcome laziness

Are you wondering ‘how do I overcome laziness?’ Laziness only fuels more laziness. To overcome laziness, you have to break the cycle and move towards being more motivated, active and productive. One step in the right direction is enough to gain momentum to move forward, so it is important to take that first step however you need to – it’s just important you take it!

Now let’s go on to learn how to overcome laziness and lack of motivation.

How to overcome laziness

Set your intentions

If you are looking to overcome laziness, there has been some realization and motivation to make a change. So dig into what your intentions are and imagine how good you will feel once you are on a path to moving forward. Once you can picture this, you will be more motivated to move forward and continue doing so.

Write a ‘Currently Procrastinating’ list

When you have been stuck in a rut of laziness, this often means that certain tasks or aspects of your life have been neglected or you have simply been procrastinating doing something. So when it comes to how to beat laziness and procrastination, write out a ‘currently procrastinating’ list. When you have task items that are hanging over your head, this can drain energy subconsciously as you know have something to complete but aren’t getting it done. So start by getting it all written down.

Write a to-do list

Tips to overcome laziness

Now that you have written out a ‘currently procrastinating’ list.. you guessed it, it’s time for a ‘To-Do List’. The task items at the top of your list (in the ‘priorities’ section) are those from your currently procrastinating list – specifically those that carry the most mental weight. When you have a visual list of what you want to accomplish, both long-term and day-to-day, the satisfaction of crossing something off your list can be motivating enough to keep you moving forward.

Be active first thing in the morning

When you are active in the morning, you start your day off with a boost of endorphins and avoid the excuse of ‘I’ll get to it later’, when chances are you just might not actually get to it. Especially when you have been experiencing laziness, make it a point to be active first thing in the morning so that you do exercise and get movement in. Your energy, health, and motivation will be boosted as you exercise and get movement in and this positive momentum will carry through the rest of your day with you.

Find a motivational buddy

A motivational buddy is someone who will both encourage you and hold you accountable. Chances are you have a friend or family member who is also looking to improve their productivity, etc.. Speaking your goals out loud to one another, keeping things positive, and motivating one another can be extremely helpful in overcoming laziness.

Dress for success

Now, this is one of the best tips to stop being lazy. For many people, how they dress can make all the difference in their mindset for the day. If you stay in your pajamas or sweats, chances are higher that you will be comfortable simply lounging around. However, if you get properly ready for the day, this helps you gain momentum and sets you up one-step closer to a productive day. If you want to be active in the morning, try changing into activewear immediately upon waking so you shift into exercise/movement mode.

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