24 September 2019

6 tips for how to stop being a perfectionist

If you are a perfectionist, you have probably wondered how to stop being a perfectionist at one point or another. While perfectionism can drive behaviors such as efficiency, organization and well-curated plans, it can also drive behaviors that don’t always feel great.

So if you are wondering ‘how do I stop being a perfectionist?’, there are a few things that you can do to take strides away from ‘perfectionist behaviors’ and create habits that can help to make this an effort for a long-term shift.

1. Be realistic with yourself

It is common for perfectionists to take on too many tasks, expect themselves to be able to accomplish or do more than what they realistically can, or do things to a specific degree. This can lead to frustration when things aren’t done perfectly, getting down on oneself, or even continuing until deemed ‘perfection’ is reached.

While this may sound like a simple tip, being realistic with yourself gives you space to ‘be’ and ‘do’ your best at any given time.

2. Treat yourself with the same compassion you would for your loved ones

If you find yourself getting down on yourself, having unrealistic expectations, or even not being patient with yourself, think about how you would treat a loved one in the same situation… Probably with more compassion, patience and support, right?

3. Do some ‘self work’ and healing

While ‘self work’ and ‘healing’ may be intimidating, it is 100% worth it. Think about times in your life when perfectionism really started showing up for you. Is there an event that it ties to? Or a specific feeling?

4. Trust yourself to get things done

You know that you are capable of getting things done ‘well’ and ‘on time’, so trust yourself to do so. Give yourself plenty of time to get projects done to keep stress as low as possible and tackle task items that carry a lot of weight so it frees up mental space.

5. Give yourself a break

When you are in the habit of ‘go-go-go’, it can be easy to slip back into ‘perfectionist behaviors’. So give yourself a break to unwind, recharge and come back with clear eyes. Everyone deserves some down time!

6. Understand that others will do what they do how they do it, too

For example, if you live with someone who does not keep your home quite as clean as you might, understand that while compromise is important it is also important to not hold other people to your standards. This can take pressure off of you as well as others.

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