17 March 2020

I Can’t Lose Weight: Why is this Happening?

There are many people who go on strict diets and who are working out steadily, yet they find that they are not losing weight. When this is the case, they often say I can’t lose weight or they wonder what is happening. However, it is important to note that for those who are doing everything they should they may not be losing weight according to their scale. Many times, the fat is being replaced with muscle. So, while you may not be seeing any pounds dropped, you are still getting healthier.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight No Matter What I Do?

In situations in which there is no weight loss happening, there could be several issues playing out. If you find that you are not gaining muscle or losing fat, then that is when you need to consider why you can’t lose no matter what you do. In many cases, it is small little things that you are doing, often without even realizing the damage that you could be doing that is causing you to not lose weight.

  1. Are you skipping breakfast? Believe it or not, skipping breakfast to avoid the calories can actually make your body go into this stage in which it is holding onto the fat since you are not eating regularly. Lesson here, eat a healthy breakfast.
  2. Are you eating late at night? Avoid eating late at night as this can include your blood sugar and body temperature resulting in it being harder to lose weight. You want to avoid eating at least 3 hours before you go to bed.
  3. Are you stressed? When you are stressed you may be reaching for items that are not the best for your health. Plus, when you are stressed, the body tends to store the body fat.
  4. It could be actually due to your gender. A new study shows that women have a harder time losing weight no matter what they do when compared to men at first.
  5. If you have a slow metabolism you could simply be losing weight but in small amounts so that you are not noticing this at first.
  6.  Consider a health issue like a thyroid issue that is making it impossible for you to lose weight, which is something that your doctor can check for.

If you are doing everything right and still not losing weight, then take a closer look at what you are doing. It could be one of these aspects are in play and you may not even realize how you could be jeopardizing your own weight loss.

Foto di Total Shape da Pixabay

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