11 April 2019

Is yoga safe during pregnancy? Guidelines for future moms

Are you asking yourself ‘is yoga safe during pregnancy?’. Yoga is a beautiful practice to get your body and mind into a flow. It is wonderful for your overall wellness, as yoga can: help you feel more comfortable and confident in your body, increase your strength, improve flexibility, and relieve tension, both in body and mind.

Practicing yoga while pregnant in particular can offer many benefits during pregnancy and can even help in labor. This is because, yoga while pregnant helps to: improve sleep, increase stability, improve breathing techniques, reduce stress, decrease lower back pain, decrease nausea, and reduce risk of intrauterine growth restriction. You will be especially thankful for being more in tune with your body when it comes time for labor, as well as having effective breathing techniques.

While pregnant, however, it is of course necessary to adjust to the fact that your body is now focused on growing your baby, and this includes adjusting your yoga practice. If you follow some precautions and avoid some poses, many studies and yoga experts say that practicing yoga while pregnant is safe. A recent study published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, even illustrated that yoga can be safe even during late stages of pregnancy.

Yoga during the first trimester of pregnancy

The most delicate time in a pregnancy is the first trimester, as the fetus is trying to implant. So you may be wondering, ‘is yoga safe during the first trimester of pregnancy’? It is important to always take precautions, but especially during your first trimester of pregnancy. It is acceptable to practice yoga during this time, but avoid any inversions, closed twists, or hot yoga. It is crucial to stay at a comfortable temperature and be hydrated!

Prenatal yoga

There is a practice called ‘prenatal yoga’, which is an integrated approach that includes safe yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation, and deep relaxation. Taking a prenatal yoga class with a qualified instructor will help you learn what your body can and cannot do while pregnant and be more in tune with your body. You will also meet other expecting moms and be introduced to a supportive community where you can talk and share your experiences and concerns with other moms-to-be.

Yoga poses safe for pregnancy

We answered the question "Is it safe to do yoga during pregnancy?". Now, next question is: "What yoga poses are unsafe during pregnancy?". In general, there are some yoga poses which are safe for pregnancy. Be sure to speak with a qualified instructor about your pregnancy and modify any poses as needed. Here they are:

  • Butterfly stretch
  • Cat-Cow
  • Side angle pose
  • Standing forward bend (modify with chair)
  • Triangle pose (modify with chair)

Remember to never push yourself and to always stay in tune with your body. Talk with your doctor first before practicing yoga while pregnant. You want to ensure that it is safe for you. Your doctor might even tell you to avoid certain movements, particular to you and your pregnancy, to be certain you and your baby are safe.

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