1 July 2019

5 fitness tips for seniors to stay healthy

Are you wondering how to stay healthy as a senior? There are a lot of factors to consider, as each person’s health journey is unique. However, fitness is an important part of health for everyone and there are some specific senior fitness tips that you can incorporate to make the best of your own health journey. Now let’s go on to learn 5 fitness tips for senior citizens.

Senior health and fitness tips

1. Consult with your doctor first

Before starting any health regime, it is crucial to consult with your doctor first so that you can be sure you aren’t doing more harm than good. Especially for seniors, bodies are extra fragile. The focus should be on strengthening at the fitness capacity that you can meet with consideration of your current health and fitness level. This will also give you a starting point that you can revisit with your doctor and feel proud of your progress!

2. Start slowly

Especially when starting a new exercise program, you need to give your body the respect and patience that it deserves as it adjusts. Start out with short sessions a couple times a week, and build up from there. Your body will thank you for it and you will avoid pushing it too far this way.

3. Have a fitness buddy

When you are working out by yourself, it can be easy to focus in on what you are doing and think ‘more, more, more’. But if you work out with someone, you can chat, have fun with it, and focus on form.

4. Choose activities you enjoy

Working out can and should be fun! If you dread doing it, it is more likely that you will stop doing it rather than incorporating it into your lifestyle. So, speak with your doctor and select some activities that you are interested in! Some ideas are: walking, water aerobics, gardening, tai chi, etc.

5. Support your fitness activity with proper nutrition

It is helpful to meal prep and meal plan, so that you can eliminate the ‘what should I have for dinner?’ or scramble for something to eat and end up eating something unhealthy. After all, with all the work that you are doing and how much you are supporting your body, proper nutrition and nourishment will only make you feel even better.

With these health and fitness tips for seniors, you can kick-start your fitness journey and have fun while you do it!

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