4 May 2019

Springtime: tips to improve your well-being

As the weather starts to warm up and the flowers start blooming around you, do you find yourself wondering how you can spring clean your life and boost your well-being? Let’s go on to learn some tips to improve your well being as we shift here into springtime.

Spring clean your self-care routine

The beauty of spring-cleaning is that you get to take into consideration what matters to you and decide what to move forward with in the new season. So to improve your well being this spring, consider your current self-care practices and spring clean your routine. What habits are currently working for you? Which ones are you struggling to stay consistent with and aren’t feeling are worth the time? For example, maybe you are consistently having a hard time making it to your 30-minute meditation class across town. Be realistic with yourself, and make a change to perhaps do daily meditation for 5-20 minutes every morning instead, starting now.

Spring clean your space

When your space is organized and clutter-free, your mind gets to focus on important things rather than the clutter around you. So as the weather warms up and it is feasible to open up your windows, make a day (or weekend) of cleaning up your space! A fresh bouquet of flowers makes all the difference, as well.

Spend more time in nature

After hibernating in the cold winter months, there is nothing more rejuvenating than spending time in nature. So whenever you can, get outside! Go for a walk, pack a lunch and go for a picnic, have your tea outside, go for a hike, etc.

Soak up some vitamin D

Many people are deficient in vitamin D when spring comes around. So when the sun starts showing itself again, you can spend about 10 minutes a day getting protected sun exposure and boost your levels. Vitamin D is important for osteoporosis and heart disease prevention, as well as energy levels.

Adjust your sleep cycle

During the winter, the dreary dark mornings don’t exactly encourage waking up with the sun. But the springtime is an especially wonderful season to adjust your sleep cycle and start waking up naturally as daylight arrives. When you wake up naturally with sunlight rather than a blaring alarm, your body has a much easier (and less stressful) time starting its day out.

Bump up your fitness routine

The springtime is a great way to bump up your fitness routine. You can get a good workout in outside or get back over to the gym! Better weather often means more motivation, so take advantage of that and focus on your health and fitness!

Spring is a gorgeous season that is full of promise and of new beginnings. So begin again, and begin again to prioritize and truly take care of yourself.

Photo by **[Isa bela](https://www.pexels.com/@isa-bela-963099?utmcontent=attributionCopyText&utmmedium=referral&utmsource=pexels)** from Pexels_

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