27 June 2019

The benefits of traveling abroad on your health and mind

Do you love to travel or need a little convincing to ‘just book that trip already’? There are countless benefits of travelling, but each of them will have an impact on your overall health and mind that will stay with you forever.

So let’s go on to learn some of the benefits of traveling the world, whether you stay domestic or spread your wings and go international.

Benefits of traveling

Increased confidence

It takes a lot of self-confidence to step outside of your comfort zone, moreover doing so to go travel! Traveling also doesn’t always go smoothly, and in those moments where you have to make things work, you’ll carry that confidence everywhere from that point on.

Memories that will last a lifetime

Oh, the memories. The ups, the downs, the favorite spot you visited, the happiness you felt, the laughter and growth you experienced as you missed a train and had to re-route yourself, the memories that you create with your travel buddies. These memories you make while traveling will last you a lifetime.

Increase independence

When you know ‘I can do this by myself’, your independence skyrockets. This doesn’t mean you have to go solo traveling (though that is also wonderful!), but the ability to say ‘I’m doing this for me, because I want to do it” and follow through with it is really powerful.

Increase cultural awareness

Benefits of traveling: increase cultural awareness

Having increased cultural awareness is one of the major benefits of travelling. Every place has its own unique identity and culture, and to experience and see that everywhere is beautifully different will really open your eyes in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

Health benefits of traveling

Boosts your immune system

When you are exposed to different environments, your immune system gets a significant boost.

Encourages you to be active

It is easy to find that you walked way more than expected while you travel, as you are so excited to see a new place. Even that motivation from your trip can carry over with you through your return home.

Now you will benefit from any or all of these when you travel, but there is something extra special at traveling abroad. So if you have the opportunity to do it, it is an experience worth taking! For some encouragement, here are some benefits of traveling abroad.

Benefits of traveling abroad

The benefits of travelling abroad specifically are that it puts you in this new place, where you get to experience a new culture and completely open your eyes to another way of life. It expands your mind, introduces you to new ways of thinking, challenges you to understand, humbles you as you try to communicate with locals, and get to bring all your lessons back home with you.

Many people fall in love with ways of being that they are exposed to when travelling to another country and experiencing another culture, and often come home with new determination to make lifestyle shifts in their own lives. This can be from how you make your coffee, to going to markets for fresh produce, to being even more respectful when speaking to someone who speaks another language than you, to loving the priority of family you feel elsewhere and wanting that with your own family.

Cover photo by [Scott Osborn](https://unsplash.com/@scottosbornphoto?utmsource=unsplash&utmmedium=referral&utmcontent=creditCopyText) on Unsplash_

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