19 January 2021

Winter Wellbeing: How to Stay Healthy in the Winter

When the winter hits, many people automatically feel worse than ever. Why is this? They are going to find that the weather plays a huge role in feeling happy and motivated, but also its affects whether we get out and actually enjoy some fresh air. There are tons of people who hate to see winter coming as it means staying inside more, they may gain weight, feel depressed and the like.

The days are shorter and colder, which has been shown to have a huge effect on your mood and mental health. So, what can you do to stay healthy during the winter? Check out these winter wellbeing tips.

1. Limit your news intake.

It is tempting to sit around and watch numerous news stations, but many people who do this get even more depressed as they watch all the issues happening around the globe. Instead, set a time to catch up on local and national news, then do something else.

2. Take “me” time.

Every day do something that is just for you. For many people this may be nothing more than getting a hot bath in which they soak for a few extra minutes. Other people may decide to sit down and read in a comfy room for their “me” time.

3. Have an at home workout to keep your physical self healthy.

You will find that home workouts have raged the past few months due to COVID. You can find tons of videos online about workouts that you can do at home, articles on the types of workouts to do, and the like.

4. Be sure to stay in touch with friends.

During the winter, you are often dealing with snow amounts that may affect being able to travel, so be sure that you are staying in touch with friends, whether this is through social media or even on the phone.

5. Start doing a mindfulness routine in the winter where you reflect on yourself and learn more about yourself.

You will find that this time of year is a great time to do this, as you are stuck indoors and need something new to do.

6. Reach out for support if you notice your mental health slipping despite the physical things that you are doing.

Remember, there is no shame in reaching out for help if it is needed, and many people find that winter is when they do need some extra support. Whether this is joining a support group or talking with a mental health professional, get the support you need for your wellbeing.

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