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Ciao! We’re the Squad behind 30 Day Fitness, the #1 fitness app on the App Store! We believe in improving people’s lives through a digital, hyper-customized approach to fitness.

How do Fitness Teams work?

Once you sign up, you’ll be assigned to a Squad of users on a Facebook group who share similar goals. Each Squad will be guided by one of our professional trainers, who’ll take care of the weekly program and ensure your Squad has the best environment to smash its goals! You can communicate with the trainer and teammates at every stage of your journey. Each week, there will be specific, designated workouts. These can be live classes with your trainer or offline exercises to do by yourself or with your teammates. The program and the interaction methods will change over time to keep the Squad engaged and committed to its goals.

Can I talk to the trainer privately?

Yes, you can! However, we do encourage that you share your queries and thoughts with your teammates first, as there’s a good chance they’ll have the same questions too. If you have any specific requirements or something that you want to share privately, you can contact the trainer at your convenience.

Can I have a private work out plan from the professional trainer?

Trainers will provide one training program that’s the same for all squad members. This is because teammates share similar goals and we want to foster a fitness community. If you want to make changes to the program, you can always chat about things with your teammates and the pro trainer will be happy to adapt the exercises to meet the group’s wishes. Special requirements can be discussed privately with the trainer.

Do I need any sort of equipment?

Not necessarily. Your trainer can help structure your fitness program with just the equipment you have—or with no equipment at all. Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to go out and buy anything new (unless you want to)! Regardless, it’s your Squad that decides whether the members want to add a particular equipment-based exercise. As a company, we don’t sell fitness equipment or have any partnership with manufacturers. We have no interest in making users buy a specific product and we leave the decision entirely at the discretion of the Squad.

What if I have an injury or some different needs?

Depending on the injury and your needs, the trainer might make some personalized modifications to the general program in such a way that you can still follow it. If the injury prevents you from partaking in fitness activities, you can suspend the service at any time.

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