5 June 2019

5 CrossFit ab exercises without equipment

You have probably heard of or seen people doing CrossFit workouts, and if you want to start out with CrossFit, you have most likely wondered what type of workouts you can begin with that do not require equipment. This guide will teach how to have an effective CrossFit ab workout without equipment.

First, let’s define what CrossFit is.

CrossFit, founded by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenal in 2000, is a branded fitness regimen that uniquely promotes a lifestyle that focuses on effective exercise and sound nutrition. The official CrossFit website says, “CrossFit can be used to accomplish any goal, from improved health to weight loss to better performance. The program works for everyone—people who are just starting out and people who have trained for years.”

Now let’s go on to learn 5 CrossFit ab exercises that you can do with no equipment. These exercises are great for beginners, but are also consistently weaved into challenging workouts by those who are experienced with CrossFit routines. For these specific exercises, it is recommended, though not required, to use a yoga mat so that you can be sure your grip sticks.

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Crossfit ab exercises without equipment


Muscles involved: Abdominals

How to do Bicycles:

  1. First, lie on the floor facing upwards with your legs bent and hands on your head for support.
  2. Raise both of your legs while maintaining bent knees so that your thighs are roughly perpendicular to the ground.
  3. Inhale and begin to bring your chest up, rotating your torso in one direction while bringing the opposite leg into your abs.
  4. Continue until your knee makes contact with the opposite elbow. Exhale while bringing your leg back to a position perpendicular to the floor, and lowering your upper back until it is almost in contact with the ground.
  5. Complete subsequent reps starting from step 3, alternating the direction of rotation and leg used.

Superman Raises

Muscles involved: Abdominals, Deltoids, Glutes, Hamstrings

How to do Superman Raises:

  1. Begin by lying on the floor on your stomach with your legs fully extended behind you and arms fully extended ahead of you.
  2. Raise both arms and both legs simultaneously without lifting your butt or chest off the ground.
  3. Lower both arms and legs simultaneously without resting them on the ground.
  4. Complete subsequent reps starting from step 2.

Knee Tuck Jumps

Muscles involved: Abdominals, Calves, Glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps

How to do Knee Tuck Jumps:

  1. First, stand upright with feet positioned slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
  2. Bend at both your knees and hips, while maintaining a flat back, to enter a half squat position.
  3. Generate as much power as possible, pushing through your feet until you enter mid-air.
  4. Once off the ground, begin to forcefully drive your knees up towards your abdomen while moving your arms out of the way, holding in this position until the apex of your jump.
  5. Complete subsequent reps starting from step 2.

Lateral Burpees

Muscles Involved: Abdominals, Glutes, Quadriceps

How to do Lateral Burpees:

  1. First, position your feet shoulder width apart, with arms extended by your sides while standing upright.
  2. Squat as low as you comfortably can by bending your knees to lower your torso.
  3. Lower your body so that you can place both palms on the floor beneath your shoulders.
  4. While keeping both palms in contact with the ground, perform a lateral jumping motion and extend both of your legs to one side behind you.
  5. Keeping your legs together and palms on the ground, perform a jumping motion in the opposite direction of the one from step 4.
  6. Keeping your palms on the floor, perform a final jumping motion, returning to a squat position.
  7. Remove your palms from the ground, explode up into a jump, and land on feet as softly as possible.
  8. Complete sequent reps starting from step 2.

Bottoms Up

Muscles Involved: Abdominals, Quadriceps

How to do Bottoms Up:

  1. First, lie on the floor facing upwards with your legs fully extended and arms by your side. Do not allow your shoulder blades to touch the floor.
  2. Keeping your legs together, inhale and raise your legs towards your abs while bending your knees.
  3. Once your knees are nearly in line with your belly button, rock back so that your upper back is the only portion of your torso in contact with the floor. While doing this, extend your knees so that they are pointed towards the ceiling.
  4. Exhale while lowering your legs and returning your lower back to making contact with the floor.
  5. Complete subsequent reps starting from step 2.

As CrossFit does involve challenging exercises and is known as a competitive fitness sport, it is important to discuss with your doctor first if CrossFit is the right fit for you. These exercises listed above are seen in CrossFit ab workout no equipment routines, as well as non-CrossFit routines, but when paired with other challenging CrossFit exercises, it is important to be sure your body is currently suited for the intensity.

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