22 April 2020

7 Best Chest Workout Moves for Men

When it comes to getting a ripped and defined chest, men are going to find that there are several exercises that they can do that are going to give them results. And many of these can be done in the comfort of their own home or at their gym, whichever they are comfortable with doing. Chest workouts for men are a bit different than what women are doing, since you are trying to work some muscles more than others.

1: Incline Dumbbell Chest Press

While on an incline bench, put a dumbbell into each hand. Then lower these to chest level and then lift. You will want to repeat this for at least 3 sets of 10 when starting out. You can adjust the weight and repetition as you start to do this more and build more muscle.

2: Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press

Laying on a bench flat, you are going to want to put your hands close together while gripping the barbell. Lower this to your chest, then push straight up and lower back down. This is going to work your pecs, triceps and deltoid muscles all in one. Try for a set of 10, and do this at least three times.

3: Archer Push-up

This is a regular push up with a bit of a modification. One arm is going to remain in the resting position, and put this out to the side, not using it. So, it uses a bit more strength as you are going to be lifting with just one arm. You may have to start with a low number of these while you are building your strength but aim for at least 10 on each arm for a set.

4: Clap Push-up

Just as it sounds, the clap push-up is when you do the traditional push up, but push yourself up and away from the floor, allowing you to clap your hands and return these to the push up position. It requires speed and a lot of strength to get your body that far off the floor to do the push up.

5: Band Chest Fly

A band chest fly is often one of the first exercises that a man may do to get their chest muscles ready, or it can be the last to get in a cool down. Take a band, whether this is meant for band chest fly, or you can use a Pilates band that you have a lot of resistance on. Lay flat on your back, and then, bend at your knees to put your feet flat on the ground. Pull this band apart, expanding your chest muscles. Then repeat, to open up the muscles.

6: Dip

You are going to want to use a stationary bar to help with this exercise. You are going to put your arms on these bars, then lift your feet off the floor and hold yourself with the arm and chest muscles. Dip down, keeping your feet behind you so that all the weight is on the arms and chest. Repeat this process for a set of 10 and try for 3 sets.

7: Resistance Band Pull-Apart

Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, put the band between your hands with the top of your hands facing up. Keep this at shoulder width apart. Then pull this band apart and stretch your arms out to the sides. Then bring back into the starting position and repeat.

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