7 September 2020

Beginner Workout Routine at Home

When you are a beginner at working out, you need to make sure that you are not overdoing yet at the same time you want to do enough that you can actually start to see results. For those who are serious about starting a workout, they are going to find that there are simple ways in which you can do this at home that are going to make it easier for you to fit in the workout whenever you can.

Plus, for those who are beginners, they may not be interested in going to a gym where others may be working out...it can be intimidating to do this, plus you may simply not have the time to do this. With this being said, check out these beginner workouts that you can easily do that are going to have you increasing your strength and stamina in no time.

Beginner Gym Equipment Workout

When you are new to working out, there are tons of gym equipment that you can decide to purchase. However, before you go out and buy a $2000 or more piece of equipment, you should know that there are cheaper alternatives that you can purchase that are going to fit in with a beginner workout. Here are a few pieces of equipment that you may want to consider:

  1. Get a yoga set. Why? You will find that a yoga set can be your best friend when it comes to doing workouts that are using your own bodyweight, which there are tons of these to choose from. A yoga mat, can make all the difference between feeling as though you are working out or feeling as though that this is not going to work due to the hard floor.
  2. Exercise bands are a great thing to have on hand as they can be a great way to add some strength training into your home workout. There are several different kinds on the market, those who are labeled for beginners and those for hardcore people who are working out. Find the set that matches your strength level.
  3. Jump rope. This may be a simple piece of machinery...but it can be great for any workout. You are going to find that a jump rope can be used for a variety of exercises that are going to get you fit and feeling great in no time.
  4. Exercise ball...this is one of those items that is super flexible when it comes to what type of workout that you are doing and can add in a ton of resistance to your current workout routine.

Weekly Workout Plan for Beginners

For those beginners out there, there are several workout plans that you can find that are going to get you results. However, the best advice is to start doing things that you can easily add into your daily life rather than forcing yourself to jump into a plan that is going to take a lot of time and be overwhelming. With this being said, here are a few exercises that you need to add to your weekly workout plan.

  • On Monday focus on cardio. You will want to do about 25-30 minute of this. Mix it up, jump rope for 10 minutes, run in place for 10 minutes, or even workout on a treadmill or the like.
  • Tuesday: Focus on your core. Use the exercise ball to do crunches with a bit more resistance to get the best workout.
  • Wednesday: Upper body workout! Use the exercise bands to help build up your upper body. Focus on the chest, arms and the like.
  • Thursday: Cardio day again!
  • Friday:  Focus on the entire body by using the exercise bands for various exercises that you can easily do in the floor on the yoga mat.
  • Saturday: Focus on cardio again.

Then comes the best part, you get to rest on Sunday.

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