25 November 2020

Fitness Trends: What is Power Yoga?

There always seems to be a new fitness trend out there happening, and one of those fitness trends is power yoga. What is power yoga? Why should you practice power yoga? We take a look at this new trend and what it entails.

What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is a form of yoga that is all about strengthening and stretching the muscles, while also building core strength. It focuses on certain poses that are called ‘asanas’ while also including cardio activity to help strengthen the muscles.

Power Yoga: Calories Burned

Most people think of yoga and think that this is a relaxing practice that is not going to burn any calories. However, power yoga is definitely going to burn calories. On average, power yoga burns around 595 calories per one hour session. Of course, the speed at which you do power yoga is going to determine how many calories are burned during one session.

Benefits of Power Yoga

So, why should you start practicing power yoga? There are several benefits to this that are going to help you physically and it can also be something that is rather relaxing. The benefits of power yoga include:

  1. Your flexibility is going to be greatly improved when you practice power yoga. You will find that the breathing and stretching is going to help with your flexibility over time.
  2. Stamina is going to great increase the longer that you practice power yoga. After a few weeks of doing this you may find that you have more energy and are less winded from other activities.
  3. It will build muscle. While you are doing these poses, you will find that certain groups of muscles are going to be working hard to maintain this pose which is how the muscle is building.
  4. It is a great stress relief. When you are stretching these muscles, the stress that you are holding in these muscles is going to start to melt away.
  5. You will see weight loss as you are burning calories, and when coupled with a decent diet, you will see even more weight loss.
  6. Your blood circulation is going to be improved.
  7. You may sleep better thanks to this workout helping with stress and burning off energy.

Above all else, yoga is all about promoting a healthy and happy life. Those who practice power yoga are often happier since this is meant to be a positive workout.

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