5 August 2020

Full Body Workout for Men: The Ultimate Routine

When it comes to working out the entire body,  traditional workouts are often geared towards men and women. For men, they often want a workout that is going to give them more definition in their muscles, while also helping them to keep that lean physique. With this being said, that is why men should consider doing a workout that is catered towards these types of goals for their body.

Full Body Workout at Home for Men: Beginners Routine

For men who are just beginning a workout routine, they need to make sure that they are doing things that are geared towards a beginner level. There is nothing worse than starting a workout and it being too intense, making you regret doing this and more than likely stopping this workout. So, start out slow and build your way up to those routines that are a bit more high demanding. Here are some great full body workouts to use for beginners.

With this workout, you are going to schedule a session a few days per week to get your body into the hang of this. It is often best to start with 3 days for a while, then build this up as your stamina increases. And you are going to find that these are all exercises that you can do without weights, so you can do these at home if you so choose.

  1. Kick sets: Set up on all fours with your back straight, and your knees about an inch from the floor. Then using your core, kick your left foot forward, keeping the left hand on the floor. Then bring the leg back in, and transition to the other side. You will want to about 2 sets of these and do these at a high speed for 20, 30 or 40 seconds, depending upon your stamina.
  2. Cross climber to press up: Get into the plank position and perform a push up. Then lift your left leg towards your right elbow, drop your leg back and repeat on the right side. Perform another push up and repeat.
  3. Jumping lunge: Lunge forward and lower the back knee until it’s about an inch off the ground. Then push through towards the floor with your front foot and jump, switching legs mid-air. Repeat for two sets that are about a minute long, going as fast as you can.
  4. Burpees: Squat and place your hands on the ground. Then kick your feet back, drop the chest to the floor. Do a push up quickly and hop with your legs forward, jump up and clap your hands about the head. Then do it all over again.

Full Body Workout for Men with Weights

For men who want to add in some weights, there are tons of full body workouts that are going to use these weights to get you the desired results.

  1. To work the chest, consider doing a machine chest press, cable fly or barbell bench press.
  2. To work the back muscles, lat-pulldowns, t-bar row and close-grip pull downs are great.
  3. To work the shoulders, seated dumbbell presses are simple and easy enough to add into any workout.
  4. For your arms, work both the biceps and triceps with exercises like barbell bicep curls, tricep push downs, overhead bar extensions, and hammer curls.
  5. To work your legs a leg press machine is going to help and it is going to actually help the core as well.

When using weights be sure not to overdo this. For those who are just starting, start with the beginner workout using your own body weight first, then move up to the machines or weight exercises.

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