28 February 2020

Group Training: All The Benefits

Has your workout routine become stale and unappealing? Did that last push up seem like one too many? Or does another set of crunches feel impossible? Guess the time has come to change things up. If you’re working out alone, you may be missing out on a tremendous opportunity to step up your workout game.

Take a look at these many benefits of group training.

An Eye on Form

Whether you’re killing it with cardio or dialing it in with focused strength training, proper form is essential to getting the results you desire. Sure, you can work out on your own, constantly checking the mirror to keep your body in check. Or, you can exercise with a group of people looking out for each other who can tell you when your posture is not posed for optimal results.

Moral Support

There’s never enough that can be said about the value of moral support, especially when you find yourself working up a significant sweat. Group training replicates that experience of being on a team where everyone works together, supporting each other when the work gets tough, and you feel like tapping out.

When you work out alone, there’s no one there to tell you to keep pushing when you feel like giving up. When you work out with others, you never want to give up because you have the people who believe in you pushing you onward.

Keen Competition

There’s no better way to keep you going during a tiring time than a friendly sense of competition between you and your peers. The drive to do your best amidst others working out with you is natural and can be quite beneficial to your routine.


Group training, whether in a cardio class, yoga club, or running team, provides an easy source of motivation. When you’re alone stopping early, when you’re running low on energy may be all too easy. When you’re working out with others, however, the group dynamic and the encouragement each person receives through the support of everyone else, serves as the motivation to not give up early, to go the distance.

Group Relatability

Exercising alone is like working out in a vacuum. There’s nothing or no one to compare your struggle to. How can you know how well you’re doing or how hard you should push yourself if there’s no measure to use for comparison.

Working within a group provides endless opportunities for relatability. Seeing people work hard, sweat, and maybe even struggle, shows you that you’re not alone in your own journey towards fitness.

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