18 November 2019

How 30 Day Fitness Works

The 30 Day Fitness app has it all when it comes to home workout plans, whether you want a fitness model workout, men’s fitness workouts, easy challenges to do at home, workout motivation or an anytime fitness free trial, then you’ve come to just the right place. We’ve made it super easy for you to get fit, improve your health and track your progress, with the use of an easy to use app that is a one-stop fitness shop.

Choose your home workout plan and fitness schedule

Our popular fitness app is very simple to use. First, choose your fitness goal, this might be to lose weight, to gain muscle or to simply be more active day to day. Next, you’ll select the number of times you’re able to commit to working out and the amount of time you are able to commit to each exercise session. Once this information has been manually input into the app, a fitness schedule most suited to your goals and availability will be generated, and it is then that you can begin to attend the fitness classeswith the luxury of being able to workout anytime, anywhere. For each class, there's a guided video workout with a voiceover that explains how to do the exercises properly.

One of the best fitness apps

Our 30 day fitness app can be used at home, when traveling, when at work or abroad. All details are calculated for you so you can spend your energy on your workout rather than working out what you’re going to do next! No need to adjust your fitness plans, once generated, you’ll receive the full 30 day plan with exercises that increase in intensity as you progress through the regime.

We could rave about how great our app is, but we prefer to let our customers do the talking. personal trainer Users have said that using our app is “Like having a personal trainer” which is exactly what this is, but without the expensive costs. “I had abs within a month” and this is very possible, with a sensible diet and a commitment to complete all of the workouts in your training schedule, you can work towards a set of well-defined abs of our own. “__Very helpful with helping me workout and set a exercise plan which is set to my abilities” as a bespoke fitness app that is tailored to your needs and requirements, this is exactly the first-rate service that you’ll receive. “Amazing”, “This app is amazing”, “Outstanding”. Try it for yourself and join the hundreds of satisfied customers that are already part of our tight-knit 30 day fitness challenge family.

Your pocket personal fitness trainer

The best results are achieved by performing specific, measured exercises with the best possible form. You’ll receive the latest exercise plans updated regularly by our highly experienced world-class fitness trainers, and you’ll be shown how to perform each exercise in the correct way with our video instructions, which will dramatically reduce the risk of injury. Use the app to create a specific plan, specific to your goals, to produce specific results.

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