26 November 2020

How to Get Bigger Buttocks with Exercise at Home

When you see fitness models, what most people notice is that they have an amazing looking buttocks. They often have that “bubble butt” that everyone wants to have. While some people think you are simply born with this or not, remember that the buttocks is one of the biggest muscles in your body. This means that as a muscle it can be worked to become bigger and stronger, giving that appearance that is seen so much in today’s society. People are so ready to have this type of look that there are even butt lift surgeries to give this appearance. The good news, you can do exercises at home that are going to help build it up.

Bodyweight Glute Exercises at Home

There are several exercises that you can do at home that are going to work out the glutes and don’t require anything more than your own bodyweight to get results. Those who do these will find that over time, they get a stronger and bigger buttocks.

1. Squat Exercises

You will find that squats are one of the best exercises for building a bigger butt. You will want to make sure that you are doing these accurately to get the best results. Be sure that you keep your back straight while squatting and the weight on your heels. You will find that keeping your abs tight and your head facing forward will help you keep your form as well.

2. Grasshoppers

This is one of those exercises that many people swear will help to build your butt. You will want to lie down on your stomach with your chin resting on your hands, and keep your knees wide apart. Next, bring together your big toes and squeeze your glutes up and down. Lift your quads up and down, and try to do this for at least a minute.

3. Chair Pose

In Yoga, this is called a chair pose, but it is almost like doing a squat halfway and holding it. You will be amazed at how much this works your glutes. You will want to hold this position for at least 10 seconds, then repeat this motion for at least 2 minutes.

4. Bridge Pose

The bridge pose is yet another yoga post that can be great for building muscles in the glues. You will want to lie on your back with your feet about hip width apart. Lift your hips and press your feet to the ground. Breathe in and out about 8 times and then come down. Then repeat this for at least one minute.

bridge exercise

5. Buttock Pinches

These are great toning exercises. You will to stand tall with your feet together. Then stand on your tip-toes, and then pinch your butt together. Hold this for at least 5 seconds, and then go back to standing. Repeat this until you simply cannot do it any longer.

How to Stretch Glutes

After you build the muscles in the glutes, you still need to do some stretches to help relax these muscles. One of the best stretches for your glutes is to sit down with your legs straight in front of you. Then take your left leg and put this over your right. With your right arm place this in front of the left leg and put your left arm behind you and stretch. Hold this, then repeat with the other side.

You will also find that it can be helpful to stretch with one leg behind you and the other folded under you while sitting on the ground. Whatever stretch you do, after the buttocks workout, it is going to feel great.

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