1 October 2019

How to get lean legs and thighs fast without creating bulk

If you want to know how to get lean legs fast, you’ve come to the right place! Read on for our mini-guide about how to lean your legs right now – and ensure that they stay that way forever.

Date night panic?

You need an instant fix. You’ve got a date and a hot new skirt. How to get legs to match? Easy! Just make sure you can squeeze 15 minutes into your get-ready routine to relax. Yes, that’s right – relax. You’ll need to lie on your back and shuffle up to a wall so you can stretch your legs up against it at right angles to your body. Back on the floor, legs on the wall – it’s that simple. During the day, fluids accumulate lower down in our legs owing to the force of gravity acting on our bodies. Ever noticed how your legs look leaner first thing in the morning? Lying flat on your back all night gives your body a chance to redistribute these fluids around your body – 15 minutes with your legs up against the wall can help you mimic this effect, fast.

Lean legs in the longer term

Of course, what you really want is lean legs and thighs for good. Review your lifestyle for missed opportunities to incorporate simple steps to success. Live in an apartment? Take the stairs. Get the subway to work? Get out a stop early and walk. Even better, pack your stilettos and slip on your sneakers – if you can power walk, run or cycle to the office your legs will thank you for it.

Worried that with all this exercise your legs are going to end up bulky?

Try these simple, targeted exercises to ensure those muscles are extending the way you want - lengthways.


First off, the squat. A staple on the lean legs circuit, the squat will raise your butt (making everything below it appear longer) and tighten your hamstrings. Stand with your feet a little more than hip-width apart and sit back until your knees form a 90-degree angle. To step it up a level, bring yourself up on to tip-toe and re-balance. Hold. Feel the burn? That’s your lean legs in formation.


Now for the squat’s favorite partner in crime: the lunge. Drop into a lunge position, taking care that your knee never extends forward beyond your toes. Hold, then slowly lower your back knee to the ground. Hold, rise slowly to standing and repeat on the other side.

So, there you have it – how to get lean legs and keep them that way! Now, where did I put that mini-skirt again…?

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