13 January 2021

How to Get Started with Bodyweight Exercises

One of the ways that you can take a workout at home to one that is really going to get you results is bodyweight exercises. These can easily be put into your regular workout routine and give you the results that you want without having to go to the gym. But, how do you get started? What types of bodyweight exercises are great for beginners? We give you all the answers you need to get started!

What are bodyweight exercises?

Bodyweight exercises are a type of strength building exercise that uses the weight of your body to do these. They do not require any additional weights, so they are perfect for someone who may not have a home gym but does have the room to do exercises at home, which can easily be done in the living room or bedroom floor. These are very effective exercises at building strength, muscle, improving your stability and helping you to get into shape so that you can start weight lifting with additional weights, if this is your end goal.

The good news is that there are bodyweight exercises for just about any muscle in your body. Some may target your abs, others may target your arms and legs. You will find that when you work with several bodyweight exercises, that you can work your entire body in one fell swoop. You will find that the benefits of doing these exercises with your regular routine is going to make you feel amazing. While you may be weak at first, once you put these into your regular routine after a few weeks, you will find it easier to do these exercises.

Start working out

The best bodyweight exercises for beginners

For beginners, it can be unsettling to see tons of exercise routines out there that are using advanced bodyweight exercises. You may think that there is no way that you can do any of these. That is why it is important to start with some beginner exercises. This way you are building yourself up mentally and physically to tackle harder exercises later.

1. Squats

Squats are a simple exercise that can be done at home that are going to work your legs, abs, knees, and even your hips. To do these, you are going to want to plant both feet on the floor about shoulder-width apart. Inhale, look straight ahead and then bend at the hips and the knees, keeping your knees in line with the toes. You will want to bend until you are at a 45 to 90 degree angle to your hips. On the exhale push up back to starting position and repeat.

2. Walking Lunges

These help with not only building your leg strength, but also with mobility and balance. They do take a bit of room, so try to do these in a room that has walking space. To start, place both feet slightly more than shoulder width apart. You will want to take a big step forward with your left food, plant the foot on the floor and bend both knees at around 90 degrees...this is referred to as the lunge position. Then push through the heel of your left food and extend both legs. Then repeat this with the right leg. Alternate between the legs for however many sets you want to do.

3. Planks

These a very simple exercise but they give an overall body workout. Get into the pushup position, then push up and hold this position with your forearms and elbows supporting your weight, as well as the tips of your toes. Hold your abs in so that your spine is in a neutral position. Hold for a few seconds and continue to work your way up with how long you can hold these as your body gets stronger.

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