17 July 2019

Tips and exercises to get rid of saddlebags

You have surely heard of women especially wanting to get rid of saddlebags and you probably wondered ‘what exactly are saddlebags?’ or how to get rid of saddlebags yourself.

So let’s go on to learn how to get rid of saddlebags on thighs fast:

  • Healthy diet
  • Quality sleep
  • Targeted exercises, such as lateral lunges, side leg raises, glute bridges, squat, swinging high kicks
  • Hydration

What are saddlebags?

The term ‘saddlebags’ is used to reference the fat deposits that can develop around your hips and upper thighs. Problem areas that many women (and men) openly discuss are the glutes, abdominal and thigh area, which is the ‘saddlebags’ area. Women are more common to have a build up of fat here because estrogen can trigger it, the beauty of bringing a child into the world can leave you with this buildup, and it can even be hereditary.

Thankfully, reducing or getting rid of saddlebags is possible!

Tips on how to get rid of saddlebags fast

Through a healthy diet, determination, daily movement, quality sleep, targeted exercises, proper hydration and patience, you can lose saddlebags.

When it comes to what exercise gets rid of saddlebags, you have a number you can combine and select from that you can even do within the comfort of your own home. Here are just a few of the many.

Exercises to get rid of saddlebags:

Lateral Lunges

  1. First stand with your feet shoulder width apart and arms extended by your sides.
  2. Pick one leg up off the floor and move it laterally as far as you can.
  3. Bend the knee of the leg in motion as soon as it comes into contact with the ground, while keeping the opposite leg straight.
  4. Pushing through the leg with the bent knee, return to a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart.
  5. Complete subsequent reps starting from step 2, alternating legs.

Side Leg Raises

  1. Begin by lying sideways on the floor, with your legs fully extended.
  2. Position your elbow beneath your shoulder, and point your forearm in front of you with an open palm.
  3. Raise yourself up so that your torso is no longer touching the floor, while maintaining ground contact with your hips.
  4. Keeping your legs fully extended, raise the top leg as high as you can without moving it forward or backward or rotating your hips.
  5. Lower your leg so that it is in contact with the leg on the floor.
  6. Complete subsequent reps starting from step 4.

Glute Bridges

  1. First, position your torso flat on the ground, with knees bent, and arms extended by your sides.
  2. Without rotating your torso or changing the position of your feet on the ground, squeeze your glutes and raise your hips.
  3. Continue until your thighs are in line with your ab.
  4. Lower your hips until your butt is in contact with the floor.
  5. Complete subsequent reps starting from step 2.


  1. Begin by standing upright with feet wider than shoulder width apart and toes pointed outwards.
  2. Bend at your both your knees and hips, while maintaining a flat back and squeezing your butt and abs.
  3. Keeping your knees in line over your 2nd toes, continue to lower yourself without pulling on your neck with your arms until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  4. Press your heels into the ground and slowly return to a straight standing position.
  5. Repeat subsequent reps.

Swinging High Kicks

  1. Raise one leg, while keeping it straight extend it behind you while allowing yourself to bend at the waist.
  2. Kick the raised leg forward as far as you can without allowing it to bend at the knee.
  3. Bring your leg back down to a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart.
  4. Complete subsequent reps starting from step 2, alternating legs.

Reverse Flutter Kicks

  1. Begin by lying on the floor on your stomach with your legs fully extended behind you and arms fully extended ahead of you.
  2. Simultaneously raise one arm and the opposite leg without lifting your butt or chest off the ground.
  3. Lower your arm and leg simultaneously without resting them on the ground.
  4. Complete subsequent reps starting from step 2, alternating limbs.

Remember, you will get the best results by combining proper nutrition and fitness efforts, along with taking care of your body and mind. So if you want to know the trick of how to get rid of saddlebags fast, tune into your body, start making efforts now, and you’ll find what works best for you! You can join a gym if that motivates you, do exercises at home, grab a buddy to dedicate to eating healthy and training with, and mix your routines up.

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