26 December 2019

Intense Leg Workout to try at Home

Any mode of exercise can significantly benefit your health. Whether you're focusing your workouts on weight loss, cardiovascular improvement, strength training, or increasing your stamina, the result will be a healthier, stronger body.

When choosing a workout regimen, considering your whole body should always come into play. Working all parts of your body will help you get stronger and more agile while contributing to weight loss. Exercises focusing on leg work should be a part of your routine, especially if you're looking to make your body stronger and more efficient.

Leg Exercises for Weight Loss

Incorporating leg work into your workout routine is not difficult. You can easily work in legs to assist in your weight loss goals. Building muscle means more energy consumption, resulting in more burned calories. Try the following exercises for an easy way to get a good leg workout. Start with the recommended reps, but increase it if you feel you're not adequately challenging yourself.

Exercises list (3 rounds each)

Forward lunges (20 per leg)

This exercise will help tone your behind, thighs, and calves primarily. Start with 20 reps on each leg three times each. If you find this is not challenging, increase to 25 reps, or try holding small weights in your hands.

Sit-ups (25X)

Sit-ups may not seem like a leg exercise to you at first. But, sit-ups are great for the thigh muscles, because they become engaged every time your core activates to perform a sit up. Try to do three sets of 25. If this is too challenging at first, have someone hold your feet, or hook them under something sturdy.

Bent Knee Leg Raises (20X)

Bent knee leg raises are an excellent exercise not only for your legs but for your entire core. Slow and steady is key for this exercise to get the maximum result to your legs.

Iron Chair (20")

The iron chair exercise is one of the great leg exercises for weight loss. This static exercise is an excellent way to build important leg muscle tissue, particularly in the front and back of your thighs. Try to hold this position as long as possible without hurting yourself. Repeat three times.

Glute Kickbacks (20 per leg)

If you're looking to lose weight and tone pesky trouble zones in the back of the legs, the glute kickback is a useful exercise for achieving your goals. If this exercise is not challenging enough, consider adding reps or using wearable leg weights.

Cross-Body Crunches (20 per side)

Like the sit-up, cross body crunches engage not just your core, but your legs too. These crunches are beneficial in overall strengthening and coordination.

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