29 October 2020

The Best Pectoral Exercises to Do at Home

For those who are wanting to work their chest muscles, pectoral exercises are a great way to do this. And even better, you can do these at home. Many people would rather work out at home thanks to the convenience that this offers, plus they don’t have to deal with crowded gyms. So, what can you do at home to work these pectoral muscles?

Lower Pectoral Exercises

The lower pectoral muscles need different exercises in order to work these muscle groups as they need to be worked to get stronger and have more definition. Some of the best exercises to do at home to work the lower pectoral muscles include:

1. Incline pushup: You can do this with a workout bench, jump box or even a step platform. Stand in front of this platform, place hands shoulder-width apart, then adopt the plank position and bend the arms to lower your chest towards the bench, push up and repeat.

2. Chair dips: Have two chairs that you can place your hands onto each, lift your legs and then lower and press up. These chair dips can also be done on parallel bars if you have them, but at home most people decide to go with the chairs.

Upper Pectoral Exercises

To work your upper pectorals, there are different exercises that you can do at home to work these. These exercises include:

1. Pike pushups: These are challenging, but are a great way to work the upper pecs at home. You are going to want to get into the typical pushup position, then walk your hands back so that you are almost in the downward facing dog position from yoga. Then lower your weight on your arms til your head is touching the ground, lift up and repeat. You may find it helpful to walk your legs in closer or further apart depending on your strength level.

2. Decline pushup: With this you are going to find a way to put your feet up. For example, you can place your feet onto a coffee table, then place your hands on the ground. Remember, to use a low surface so that you are working your chest muscles and not your shoulders. With your feet elevated, do the regular pushup form to work these muscles.

Working your chest muscles is easier than ever now that you can do this at home without the use of weights. Of course, if you have weights you can vary your exercises even more.

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